Public Service Section

Public service section is one of the service department sections that seek to provide the best services to ensure the comfort of employees and students through the following activities:

  • Planning, supervising, monitoring and executing all tasks of the section’s units. That includes the maintenance unit, agriculture and sanitation unit, transport unit and call operation unit.  
  • Supervision all engineering work such as civil society and electrical construction and overseeing the implementation of the necessary daily and regularly maintenance as well as providing clean water and electricity to the various university facilities.
  • Providing drinking and water for irrigation.
  • Planting various kinds of trees, annual implantations and green fields in university’s yards and gardens. Maintaining the plants at campus through irrigation, ploughing, weeding, fertilizing, trimming and all the agricultural services.
  • Overseeing the sales of the cafeteria and the stalls and ensuring their commitment to implementing the terms of the agreement.
  • Following up and sustaining the hygiene services for all university facilities through the concerned companies. 
  • Securing transportation for students who subscribed to the transportation service in accordance with availability.
  • Providing different transportation means to those participating in conferences, seminars , as well as scientific , cultural , sport and leisure trips inside the kingdom . Also, it provides all transportation services for all different university's activities.
  • Preforming all possible and needed maintenance for the university's machines and following up the insurance and licensing of the university vehicles.  
  • Providing land line and mobile calls, answering them back, and forwarding them to the concerned people and taking care of official phone, water and electricity bills.
  • Verifying the functionality of public safety devices (fire extinguisher, alarms...) and maintaining these devices through concerned companies. 
  • Following up the department’s special agreements with external corporations.
  • Executing all other services that need coordination with external corporations such as Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Water and Irrigation.