University Security Section

The University security section works on keeping the university campus, facilities and properties secured at all times in collaboration with other bodies from inside and outside the university by performing the following tasks:

  • Keeping up with the updates and security issues that are related to university facilities and report the University Administration with any security breach that is related to the university deans and departments.
  • Guarding and monitoring the university's gates, buildings, facilities and machines, in addition to organizing the entry of students, workers and visitors to campus day and night.
  • Insuring the security of the outer fences, and preventing the movement of equipment and possessions out of campus unless with the approval of the person in charge.
  • Monitoring employee shifts and monitoring the entrance and leaving of outer employees. This also applies to all those entering the campus.
  • Checking entrance permits for employee vehicles that are allowed to enter the university;  monitoring the temporary permits for students, and supervising parking lots.
  • Maintaining security and order on campus as well as preventing fights and riots.
  • Preventing the distribution of communiques without prior approval of the authority, and notifying the related authorities of any act that disturbs security, order, conduct and study on campus.
  • Security control for all the activities performed at campus such as: students elections , graduation ceremonies,  celebrations,  students registration, and other activities. 
  • Reporting any malfunctions inside the university during the night shift.
  • Maintaining public safety and dealing with any emergencies like fire or bad weather conditions using the available resources.