King Talal School of Business Technology


The Accounting program at PSUT is one of a kind since its teaching methodology differs from the traditional way of teaching. The difference depends on its concentration on the application of information technology through providing computerized knowledge in accounting and auditing, in accordance with PSUT’s vision to achieve its mission in scientific research. The main objective of this program is to introduce a curriculum which integrates technology with accounting, thus providing the labor market with highly-qualified graduates in accounting and auditing who are ready and able to keep up with economic development and meet the demands of a range of local and Arab institutions. Another objective of this program is to raise the standards to be equivalent to the accounting and auditing programs provided by well-known international universities. The Department of Accounting depends, in its teaching methods, on the most recent technology available in the world, as well as promoting the professional qualifications of the CPA and CMA training programs among its students in order to provide them with a theoretical background coupled with a practical one.


The objectives of the Accounting Program are as follows:

1- To provide the students with accounting knowledge.

2- To promote scientific teaching efficiency.

3- To prepare a pool of human resources able to work in accounting and auditing fields.

4- To provide teaching and tutorial experience to graduate and undergraduate students.

5- To satisfy the local and Arab financial institutions in both the public and private sectors with trained and skilled human resources.

6- To serve the local community through the volunteer management of local community institutions by members of the teaching faculty.