King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


Environmental Management (EM) is a central component to improving environmental performance by bridging the gap between economy and environment. It is also essential for the integration of human well-being in the development process.

It has been recognized that Arab countries are in need of establishing specialized postgraduate courses to enhance practitioners' competence in the environmental field. It serves to promote cleaner production, environmental management, resource and entrepreneurship in Jordanian industries. For this reason, a new master's programme in EM is being offered at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT). This program was launched in February 2007 in cooperation among PSUT, the Royal Scientific Society, the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland, in addition to Ecosys Inc. and Sustainable Business Associates.

The program structure is based on existing Swiss training modules that have been adapted to Jordan and other Arab countries.


The master program in EM aims at preparing future technical staff and decision-makers in both private and public sectors for acting on policies, production processes and resources utilization in an environmentally proactive manner. EM graduates will be aware of the most pressing environmental issues and challenges, develop practical and international experience in the field, and master efficient tools for managing environmental issues in an effective manner as well as develop managerial skills.