The Computer & Training Center (CTC) was established in 2009 to serve as a specialized center undertaking planning and executing activities pertaining to computer applications in various aspects in the university. It also supervises the operation of equipment and programs, organizes specialized training, prepares students for the job market by obtaining relevant certificates in certain subjects from different companies, convening local courses, and holding specialized training for establishments and government agencies. The CTC serves as a nucleus for specialized consultation activities. This is designed to benefit from experiences and knowledge of the faculty members and consequently shape them to suit the job market.

The CTC aims to provide distinguished services in the fields of engineering, information technology, communications, training and consultation in compliance with PSUT's vision, mission and goals. The center consists of two units: The computer unit, which is responsible for maintaining PCs, servers, networks and database systems. The other unit is the Training unit.


  1. Introducing computer services for PSUT students, faculty and administration.
  2. Introducing suitable equipment and developing necessary programs, updating and maintaining them.
  3. Providing and developing computerized systems, necessary in different administrative departments.
  4. Providing and administrating PSUT's network and continuously improving its function and different services to serve the educational and research goals.
  5. Providing necessary services to El Hassan Electronic Library concerning the networks, programs and equipment.
  6. Providing security and protection methods necessary for information and systems and working networks in the university, as well as Computer & Training Center Website content updating and developing them continuously.
  7. Providing necessary means to apply electronic education and learning in the university.
  8. Sustaining PSUT’s electronic website.
  9. Working to develop and provide an electronic gateway, inserting it in the academic programs, and promoting its use by the faculty.
  10. Building databases for the university and updating them to service university activities.
  11. Facilitating research activities and covering scientific conferences.
  12. Providing specialized courses for students.
  13. Convening specialized courses for the local community.
  14. Preparing students to obtain licensed certificates in some specialties.
  15. Convening courses in governmental and semi-governmental establishments in fields related to information technology, communication, engineering and business administration.
  16. Contracting with distinguished companies in the field of training to execute their activities through the university which enjoys high academic reputation.