King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


The graduate program called Global Masters in Business Administration (Global MBA) in collaboration with Lancaster University in the UK aims through its design to help high-caliber individuals develop into more confident, knowledgeable, critical and responsible leaders in an increasingly complex organizational and work environment.

Program Structure

The Global MBA is a two – year programme for experienced managers with 36 credit hours. Its highly practical and action-oriented approach combines intensive modular input with organizational projects and close support. The programme is structured around a series of 3 and 4 day intensive workshops followed by a period of study, application and completion of assessments. Modules run approximately every 8 weeks. This approach allows participants to become immersed within, and gain a greater understanding of, the key ideas of each of the core modules.

Global MBA overview The program progressively develops knowledge, understanding and skills through stages as the following:

  • Part 1a focuses on core organizational functions and processes-Organisational behavior, Managing operations, Marketing management, Business economics, Management accounting, and Finance.
  • Part 1b builds on this functional knowledge to develop a more strategic perspective and to draw together the functional and strategic so that participants approach organizational and managerial issues in a more integrative manner. This part of the program covers Strategic aspects management and Managing change and also provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge, gained through the programme to date, through the integrative Case Examinations. As an integrating mechanism across the first two parts of the programme and to provide the opportunity for students to further develop their understanding and skills in the practice of managing and organising the perspectives on managing and orgaising module will run across the first two parts of the programme focusing on individual and organizational learning.
  • Part 2 of the program continues the integrative theme with a group based consultancy activity that requires participants to draw on the preceding elements of the programme to develop actionable recommendations for client organizations and an individual organisational project which provides the opportunity for participants to focus their learning by addressing a particular area of organizational concern and so develop greater insight into specific areas of management and business and gain more critical insight in to organizational practice.


The program's mission is to produce managers and leaders who are knowledgeable about business, at ease with complexity and purposeful in action. In doing this we aim to provide a fresh approach to learning, which focuses both on academic theory and the application of that theory to practice, and which also facilitates learning through the adoption of a reflective and questioning approach.

The Global MBA is geared to developing knowledge of organizational functions and their interaction; to building participants’ ability to manage and lead in complex organizational situations; and to bring fresh perspectives to challenging issues. Its emphasis on practical thinking processes to underpin and drive purposeful action will develop participants’ capacity as leaders and mangers as well as developing their skills to become agents for change.