King Hussein Faculty of Computing Sciences
Computer Science

Computer Science B.Sc.

A four years undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Computer Science. Our main tasks are to educate the next generation of technical professionals in the skills and knowledge-base necessary to create and manage the technology-base enterprises that will provide future economic growth and improve the standard of living.

This program is designed to promote high achievement in theoretical and practical education within the field of computer science and to address the growing computer education demands for professionals with Computer Science education.

This program is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. Our BSc program is highly evaluated in Jordan and in the region. Our students have achieved the highest level in computer graduation exams in Jordan, and got many internationally programming competition prizes (IEEE, ACM, Microsoft..).

The main objective of the BSc degree in Computer Science is to provide a technically oriented scientific undergraduate education for individuals who are motivated to build their computer science skills and education or in the discipline of computer science. Another major objective of this program is to prepare students for higher graduate studies.