King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


Within the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, there is a Council which has been specially appointed to examine, implement and monitor all issues pertinent to graduate studies and scientific research at the University, as well as taking the necessary decisions related to them within the limits of its specialization and according to this panel. In particular, the Council assumes the following tasks:

  1. Suggesting the general policy for graduate studies along with any subsequent amendments. The Council is responsible for coordinating between the Deanship and the University’s departments and Schools in order to ensure full implementation of policy, after its approval.
  2. Suggesting internal panels with coordination with academic departments in connection with the organization of graduate studies.
  3. Suggesting the bases of acceptance to graduate study programs, as well as their implementation and follow up.
  4. Recommending licensing new programs and the coordination between them and the existing programs.
  5. Recommending the approval of graduate studies study plans as well as the amendments or replacements of the plans and programs.
  6. Recommending the names of graduate studies certificates in Arabic and English, according to the recommendation of the School councils.
  7. Recommending the granting of scientific degrees.
  8. Deciding on all student issues pertinent to graduate students at the University.
  9. Agreeing upon the formation of supervisory and thesis defense committees.
  10. Setting the general framework for the research plan and the rules governing the writing, printing, designing and presentation of academic theses, together with the forms of discussion committee reports and thesis judgment.
  11. Performing a periodical evaluation of graduate studies programs at the University, through specialized internal and external committees or commissions.
  12. Studying the periodic reports presented by the academic departments at the University.
  13. Introducing, studying and expressing opinions on issues referred to the Council by the University Council, its president or the University president.
  14. Supervising the provision of financial support of research projects from the University and external financing bodies, as well as supervising grants given to graduate students, together with setting the selection process for prospective recipients of those grants.
  15. Suggesting scientific research policy at the University and its priorities, and subsequently presenting them to the Dean’s Council for approval.
  16. Looking into scientific research projects and the approval of these projects.
  17. Suggesting the bases which ensure preserving the University’s legal rights, as well as those of the researchers, in association with scientific research conducted at the University or with its participation or with the results of this scientific research, as well as forwarding them to the Dean’s Council for approval.
  18. Looking into licensing authored, investigated and translated manuscripts after their evaluation, as well as recommending their publishing support.
  19. Setting the bases for cooperation and coordination with other entities concerned with scientific research.
  20. Discussing and determining University budget allocations to scientific research.
  21. Examining and discussing the annual report of the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.

Committee Members

  • Dean of King Abdullah I Schhol of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research      Chairman
  • Dean of King Talal School of Business Technology                                                    Member
  • Dean of King Hussein School of Computing Sciences                                               Member
  • Dean of King Abdulla II school of Engineering                                                            Member
  • Dr. Dia'a Abu Al Nadi                                                                                                      Member
  • Dr. Nisreen Hmoud                                                                                                         Member