Delegation from Hungarian Embassy Visits PSUT to Explore Avenues of Cooperation Regarding Academic Scholarships

Sunday, February 19, 2017 - 11:00



The President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Professor Mashhoor Al-Refai, met with the Cultural Attache from the Hungarian Embassy in Amman, Dr. Eva Ladanyi, to discuss avenues of cooperation regarding scholarships for PSUT students to study at Hungarian universities thus benefitting from the scholarship program offered by the Hungarian government to Jordanian students.

Prof. Al-Refai said that this cooperation is in line with the striving of the University to maintain the institution’s rightful position among the world’s top universities. He stated that the University focuses on quality rather than quantity to realize its top priority of graduating outstanding students who enter the local and global labor markets as well-informed, innovative young people. This goal is paramount to realizing the vision of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of the Board of Trustees at PSUT, in helping to produce a new generation of young people equipped with excellent leadership and creative abilities, especially in engineering and technology specializations.

Prof. Al-Refai mentioned that two PSUT students had been sent to study in Hungary during the last year, entering into majors of Computer Science and Engineering.

The Vice President for International Relations Prof. Abdullah Al-Zoubi of PSUT, Professor Abdullah Al-Zoubi, presented a summary of the University’s progress and its outstanding contribution to advancing the Communications and IT sectors in Jordan. He talked about PSUT’s determination to produce graduates who are well-qualified, both academically and technically, and capable of working anywhere in the world. He pointed out that the University has received international accreditation from ABET for four of its study programs in the majors of Computer Science and Engineering, in addition to the King Talal School of Business and Technology being admitted to AACSB. Furthermore, the University achieved excellent results in the National Proficiency Exam 2016/2017, which was recently set by the Higher Education Admission Center (HEAC). In this latest round of exams, PSUT took first place over all of the Jordanian universities on the general level. PSUT students have also achieved high international rankings in various extra-curricular activities.

Dr. Ladanyi praised the current academic and cultural cooperation between Hungarian and Jordanian educational institutions, explaining that the scholarship program offers approximately 400 scholarships which allow Jordanian students to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level degrees at various Hungarian universities. The scholarships are available for all Science and Humanities specializations, including Medicine, and the sponsoring universities cover the study fees and living expenses of the Jordanian students.

On the sidelines of this meeting, Dr. Ladanyi gave a lecture about the scholarship program, stating that Hungary has about 67 universities in different parts of the country. She explained how to apply for the scholarships, the terms of acceptance, the selection process for choosing candidates, and the languages of instruction used at different universities.

The lecture was attended by a large number of PSUT students, and at the end they were given the opportunity to ask questions about the scholarships.

The link for those wishing to apply for a scholarship is: