The Diwan is the main reference at the University; it is the place to save all the University documents and correspondence. It is the reference to any document, whether issued by the University or incoming from outside the University, in an easy and orderly manner.


  1. Receipt and recording of incoming mail to the presidency of the University from all branches, centers and administrative units of the University, academic and technical centers, as well as documenting and re-distributing it to the concerned persons in an effective manner.
  2. Recording incoming and outgoing mail to and from the University electronically.
  3. Responsibility for follow-up of correspondence with the University President in terms of documenting and recording in the register of incoming mail and sending it to the President of the University, as well as follow-up procedures.
  4. Archiving all incoming and outgoing correspondence to and from the University and taking action after each correspondence, as well as retrieval on demand.
  5. Follow-up of correspondence sent to third parties or received by them via courier or regular mail.
  6. Receipt of correspondence to the University sent by fax, as well as copying all letters, documenting them and sending them to the person(s) concerned.
  7. Direct responsibility for sending and follow- up of correspondence issued by the administrative units to all University centers and units.
  8. Keeping correspondence and documents in files and numbering the file contents.