General Services

Library Catalogue



The library provides it services to the Royal Scientific Society, Princess Sumay University staff ; Academic and Administrative staff ,  in addition to students.


Some of the services it provides are:

Loan for Internal use: Wherby th user checks the catlogue for needed information, browses through the shelves, and uses the books while at the library or proceed to check them out.

Loan for external use: Whereby the user borrows the books according to loan policies, by using his/her university ID card.

Course reserve materials: At the beginning of each semester, instructors request to put course textbook(s) and related materials on reserve shelves for student use.  These books and related materials are used inside the library only.

 At the end of the semester, all books are returned to the shelves, except for those that are to be kept indefinitely upon 

the  instructor's request.

Instruction Sessions: Library staff guide and train the users on how to use the library and benefit from the various available services.

Instruction sessions are provided at the beginning of the semester to new students, and upon reuest for groups all year        long. In addition to university level training on citation resources and e-resources.

Training is also provided to th studetns taking "Introduction to libraries" course.

Responding to inquiries: Reference questions and general queries may be submitted to the library through email, telephone calls  or by visiting he library.  Questions are answered by specialized staff.

Current awareness: The library informs faculty members and researchers of new library acquistions through: Monthly acquisition lists; scanning cover page and table of content of current periodcials and posting them on the library's FaceBook page; Pinning book covers on bulleting boards and through emails and phone calls.

Internet and Wi-Fi:  All library users are allowed free access to wired or wireless internet connections an computer stations or their personal laptops.

Group study rooms:  The library has four group study rooms that are  heavily used by students. Priority is given to groups of final year students preparing their graduation projects, and for Graduate students.  all users are requested to adhere to room use rules.

Printing: Printing is allowed for university students and faculty when using Electronic Resources . Students are allowed (150) pages per semester an faculty members (250) pages per semester.