International Relations Office


PSUT’s International Relations Office (IRO) was established in response to a new strategy which places international relations high on the University’s list of priorities. This strategy recognizes that internationalization stretches across all the different university portfolios with the objective of developing an internationalization culture and institutional capacity through the transfer of know-how and good practice.

Strong international relations greatly assist the innovative reach of PSUT and enable it to formulate meaningful research and exchange partnerships that provide access to resources and knowledge from the best institutions the world over.

The IRO currently oversees and manages agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and constantly seeks new international connections and partnerships.

The Office also carries out a number of activities which include the organization of quality conferences, workshops and seminars which complement its main role as a key driver of internationalization strategies for the University.

IRO Functions

  1. Developing an internationalization culture through cooperative regional actions.
  2. Providing appropriate knowledge, means, and methods to improve internationalization actions of MEDA partner country institutions.
  3. Creating a recognized regional network for good practice transfer.
  4. Managing external projects for the University - Follow-up of all agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).
  5. Maintaining the University’s international contacts.
  6. Supervising and counseling guest researchers and lecturers and international students who plan to carry out their studies or research at PSUT.
  7. Advising PSUT students who wish to study or join internship programs abroad.


  • Coordination and implementation of all activities related to the establishment and maintenance of exchange agreements with universities abroad.
  • Providing administrative support for the exchange of students and faculty members with universities abroad.
  • Receiving exchange students from PSUT partner institutions abroad and organizing their study programs.


  • Processing of applications of PSUT students who wish to study abroad.
  • Processing applications of international students wishing to visit and register at PSUT.
  • Providing academic advice, arranging summer school activities, and helping to arrange suitable accommodation for international students.


  1. Gathering and maintaining a database of all courses offered in the Arabic language at PSUT.
  2. Providing information to PSUT faculty and students about agreements with partner universities.
  3. Creating brochures and guides for PSUT use and external stakeholders about the University and its academic and non-academic services.
  4. Maintaining a library of course catalogs, information brochures and other material from partner institutions.
  5. Maintaining a searchable database of travel reports prepared by PSUT students.
  6. Maintaining up-to-date reference material on international study programs, including scholarships.
  7. Establishing and developing an internationalization culture through cooperative regional actions.
Global Partnerships & Agreements

1.       Bir Network, USA

2.       Institute of International Education (IIE), USA

3.       Florida Institute of Technology, USA

4.       Towson University, USA

5.       Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), USA

6.       University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

7.       International Studies Abroad, USA

8.       Oakland University, USA

9.       George Mason University, USA

10.   Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne, USA

11.   University of Bridgeport, USA

12.   Synopsys, Inc. (Mountain View, California), USA

13.   University of New Brunswick (Fredericton, New Brunswick), Canada

14.   University of Windsor, Canada

15.   University of Lancaster, UK

16.   Durham University, UK

17.   Coventry University, UK

18.   INSEEC M.Sc. and MBA Paris Campus, France

19.   Aix-Marseillle University, France

20.   SAP® University Alliances, Germany

21.   Ulm University, Germany

22.   The International Center for Innovation in Education, Germany

23.   Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany

24.   Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, Austria

25.   Technical University of Graz – Institute of Information Systems and Computer Media (IICM), Austria

26.   Universiteit Hasselt (Diepenbeek), Belgium

27.   Springer Science + Media, BV, Netherlands

28.   University of Barcelona, Spain

29.   University of Cadiz, Calle Ancha, Spain

30.   Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia), Spain

31.   Universidad de Almería (University of Almeria)– UAL, Spain

32.   Link Campus University, Italy

33.   University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy

34.   AIT - Athens Information Technology Center of Excellence for Research & Education, Greece

35.   University of Porto, Portugal

36.   Duzce University, Turkey

37.   Canik Basari University, Turkey

38.   Middle East Technical University, Turkey

39.   Bilkent University, Turkey

40.   Sirnak University, Turkey

41.   Information and Communications University, Korea

42.   Hasanuddin University - HU, Indonesia

43.   Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia - USIM, Malaysia

44.   Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

45.   Southern Federal University, Russia

46.   Peoples’ Friendship University, Russia

47.   Soochow University, Taiwan

48.   Academy of Scientific Research & Technology - ASRT, Egypt

49.   Helwan University, Egypt

50.   Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Partnerships within Jordan

  1. King Abdullah II Fund for Development
  2. Na3am Games
  3. Sustainability Excellence
  4. Jordan Library Association
  5. Migrate Business Services Co.
  6. Alnada Business Development Company
  7. LG Electronics Levant Jordan Co.
  8. Jordanian Scholarship Society for Jordanian Female Students
  9. Al-Ruwad Training Academy
  10. RAM for Global Electronic Education Services (RAM/GEES)
  11. German-Jordanian University, Jordan
  12. Security Management Technology (SMT) Center
  13. R.A.M. Information Technology Company (Ra Alef Meem for Information Technology)
  14. Emerging Markets Payments (EMP)
  15. Al Manhal Technologies
  16. Dale Carnegie Training (Asas for Training and Skills Development)
  17. Housing Bank
  18. Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan (through the Mitsubishi Jordan branch)
  19. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
  20. Royal Jordanian Geographic Center
  21. Institute of Public Administration
  22. Ma’ahad Al-Idara Al-Aama
  23. Higher Council for Youth
  24. King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)
  25. Modern Language Center
  26. Al Ahliyya Amman University, Jordan
  27. British Council
  28. Jordan Education Initiative (JEI), Jordan
  29. Business Development Center (Maharat)
  30. SCOPI Academy
  31. Representative of the European Business Competence License in Jordan
  32. Doseyeh for E-Learning Portals
  33. Grapheast Jordan
  34. Jordanian Renewable Energy Society ESTEDAMA
  35. E-Sense (Engineering Sense)
  36. Electronic Health Solutions (Hakeem)
  37. Specialized Technical Services (STS)
  38. Marefa Arab Electronic Database
  39. Jordan Telecom Group (Orange Jordan) & Royal Scientific Society
  40. Jordan Book Center    Note: This agreement is with the PSUT library and is not academic. 
  41. Jordan Telecom Group (Orange Jordan)
  42. Hussein bin Talal University (Maan), Jordan
  43. University Bookshop (Kazem Kutob & Co.)
  44. Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF)
  45. El Hassan Business Park – Intellectual Property Commercialization Office
  46. JTronix (Jordan Electronics)
  47. MADA Communications
  48. Jordan Computer Society
  49. The Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development (Ruwwad)
  50. Cisco Systems Networking Academy, CISCO Corp, CISCO Systems
  51. Durham University Charity Kommittee (DUCK)
  52. El-Hassan Youth Award
  53. Badia Research and Development Center
  54. The Jordanian Center for Knowledge Management
  55. Huawei Tech Investment Co. (Jordan Branch)
  56. Huawei Tech Investment Co. (Dubai branch)
  57. Global Professional Training
  58. Sybase-TIS
  59. Rubicon Group Holding
  60. Sketch in Motion Animation Studio
  61. ACM Arab Collegiate Programming Contest
  62. Al Abaad Center for Studies and Training
  63. AMIDEAST (America-Mideast Educational and Training Services)
  64. Agenda Consulting and Human Resource Development LLC M.M.
  65. Jordan Book Center
  66. Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Jordan
  67. Jubilee School
  68. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh - ICT Academy
  69. UNIFEM, (Arab States Regional Office)
  70. Ministry of Education
  71. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)


CIEE is a non-profit, non-governmental international exchange organization. For over 60 years, our mission has been "to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world."  We develop and administer programs, advocate for the advancement of international education, and build knowledge through CIEE research, publications, and conferences.

For U.S. students, faculty, and administrators, CIEE offers programs including study abroad, teach abroad, and faculty development seminars. For those interested in coming to the U.S. on an exchange program, options range from high school programs to J-1 work and internship opportunities. Click on the links above to learn more.

CIEE Amman

Through intensive Arabic language training, a challenging, comprehensive academic program, and a variety of cultural activities and excursions, study abroad in Amman gives students greater insight into life in the Middle East, and a truly unique Jordanian experience.

Study abroad in Jordan will:

  • Improve the student’s Arabic in intensive language courses in modern standard and colloquial Jordanian Arabic.
  • Allow the student to choose from a variety of regional studies courses in English and learn about political and cultural issues from guest lecturers.
  • Give the student the opportunity to interact with local university students and improve their Arabic skills through a peer tutor program and target language clubs.
  • Give the student the opportunity to visit important archaeological and natural sites in Jordan including Petra, the Dead Sea, and biblical sites.
  • Allow students to get involved with the local community through a range of volunteer activities.


PSUT has signed a student exchange agreement with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). CIEE is a non-profit, non-governmental organization for international exchange, with over 325 member institutions, headquartered in Portland, Maine, USA. Its main mandate is to develop and administer programs, advocate for the advancement of international education, and build knowledge through research, publications, and conferences.

In its effort to offer the best possible educational experience, PSUT welcomes the excellent opportunity this agreement provides for intercultural exchange and interaction between its students and those from diverse American universities enrolling in programs at PSUT, which will be jointly taught by CIEE and PSUT faculty.

At the signing ceremony, the President of PSUT at that time, Prof. Issa Batarseh, remarked that “the globalization phenomenon has made it imperative that universities like PSUT encourage student exchange and interaction as absolutely essential elements for a truly universal and diverse academic experience. Such exchanges potentially lead to win-win partnerships in collaborative research, improvement of program quality and understanding cross-cultural trends and mindsets.  We are very optimistic that our partnership with CIEE will have exactly these beneficial results. Our aim is to promote synergetic integration among students on both sides to ensure a rich academic and cultural experience.”


Statistical CIEE students by nationality from 2013-2014:



Number of Students

















South Korea















Success Stories

Learning a new language is always a challenge. From grammatical rules, to pronouncing words, to simply memorizing vocabulary, everything seems daunting and difficult. But making the decision to immerse myself in an exchange program at PSUT in Jordan has brought me to appreciate and love the Arabic language.

Eric Wong, University of California - EAP





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