Library Building



El Hassan Library location    


Main Library:

It is located at the back entrance of Princess Sumaya University, near the IT parking lot. Its building consists of two floors with a total space of 660 square meters.

  • First floor include book collection and reading area, computer stations and circulation desk.
  • Second floor includes periodicals collection, group study rooms and staff offices.

Branch Library:

It is located on the Royal Scientific Society premises,  with a total space of of (600) sq m.

  • Book and periodicals  collections,   reading and studying area.
  • Electronic library which holds 16 computer stations and a printer. It provides access and training for the  Electronic resources and general internet search .


El Hassan Library Staff

Name Position  Address
Mrs. Nermeen Shuqom Library Director 


  Tel.  Ext.:  425

  Mr. Shadi Humaidat 

Head of Acquisition;

Acting Head of Technical Services 


   Tel. Ext.: 235

  Mr. Ehab Hajeer   Librarian - Acquisitions 


  Tel. Ext.: 427

   Mrs. May Abu Ajameah Librarian - Technical Services


  Tel. Ext.: 423

  Miss. Salsabela Omran Librarian - Technical Services


Tel. Ext.: 432

  Mrs. Bayan Abu Sini Head of User Services 


Tel. Ext.: 242

  Mrs. Tasneem Al Hattab  Librarian - User Services 


Tel, Ext.: 341

  Mrs. Yara Nafe' Head of Periodicals

Tel. Ext.: 266

  Miss. Nissreen Abu   Hussein Head of Electronic Services


Tel. Ext.: 431

  Mrs. Ola Almahroq Library Secretary


Tel. Ext.: 335