King Talal Faculty of Business and Technology
Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

The Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) was established in the year of 2006. The Management Information Systems program utilizes tools, techniques, and concepts of various disciplines such as computer science and management science. The department offers two programs, the Management Information Systems (MIS) program and the Business Information Technology (BIT) program. The MIS department regularly enhances its programs to meet the local and regional job markets’ requirements. To this end, the Department recruits highly qualified faculty members dedicated to preparing students for job opportunities and long-term career success. Our graduates are well-prepared to apply their knowledge in business organizations, analyse business processes, and integrate information systems with business functions.

The MIS program is a combination of a strong business curriculum and the experience and technical skills needed to compete in today's knowledge-based, business, and information-based society locally, regional, and internationally. By bridging the gap between business requirements and technology-based solutions, MIS graduates assist organizations to succeed and grow. The MIS-based systems are capable of providing management with relevant and timely information to make decisions effectively and efficiently.

The MIS program covers the study of the technologies involved in the processing of information within systems/organizations and across the enterprise, including the analysis, design, and management of data that present information to the various management levels. As such MIS graduate, whether employed in management position or IT position, they play the role of a liaison between business users and IT professional. In addition, MIS graduate possess effective communicate skills both writing and oral presentations.

The Business Information Technology (BIT) program is a combination of information technology (IT) and business management. A field like business information technology is interdisciplinary in nature, meaning that it combines several areas of study and expertise into one. To fully understand what BIT is, it is helpful to understand its components. The first component is information technology, which is broadly defined as the science of processing information. Increasingly, it involves processing and analyzing information digitally, with the aid of computers.