Message from the Dean

Students affairs Deanship is one of the most important basic units in the University for its strong relation with the students, it is established for supporting the students needs during their education journey, such as administrative, sportive, healthy, social guidance, skills, cultural, and art services which put our students in comfortable and healthy atmosphere that make them achieve their ability in studying and creativity.

We also encourage our students to be effective element in their University by accepting their suggestions through the student’s council and students clubs that helping us in improving our services.

And one of the most important aims is to build our students personalities in order to make them the leaders in the community and for this reason we always organize several workshops in building their personalities and their skills to have well educated, well effective, and self-confident graduates who can develop our communit.

Dean of Students Affairs,

Dr. Rami Salim

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Assistant Professor – King Talal Faculty of Business & Technology

Tel: +962 6 535 9949 Ext: 104 Fax: +962 6 534 7295

Mobile: +962 77 957 7827


P.O.Box 1438 Al-Jubaiha - Amman, 11941 Jordan


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