Personnel Section is among the departments working on the follow-up of the University policy and its implementation through the provision of excellent services, high degree of efficiency and flexibility , ensuring hiring efficiencies and achieving the satisfaction of academic and administrative staff , as well as creating the best environment and encouraging incentives with the aim of upgrading of functionality.


Providing best services for all academic and administrative employees at the University through facilitating the work procedures by finding appropriate solutions and using modern technologies in order to achieve the highest productivity of performance in quality and quantity.


  1. Implementation of decisions relating to recruitment , training, transfer , promotion , annual salary increment and resignation , as well as all transactions with members of academic and administrative staff , through the implementation of the resolutions of the Council of Deans , Personnel Committee and the Committee of Health Insurance .
  2. Follow-up of the renewal of contracts and converting recipes of appointment, after confirming the applicability of the regulations and instructions in force at the University.
  3. Providing health insurance for insured and beneficiaries, as well as receiving applications for subscription and renewal and ensuring the legal age of users, in addition to issuing health insurance cards.
  4. Obtaining all data about academic and administrative staff, as well as analyzing and categorizing them, to be prepared to provide various statistics for entities requesting them, whether inside or outside the University.
  5. Rationalizing and following up all kinds of vacations and departures, and doing all what is necessary in case of annual balances, as well as the preparation of permits of medical committees.
  6. Preparing agendas and invitations of personnel and health insurance committees following up their meetings and implementing their decisions.
  7. Follow-up and coordination with the Public Institution for Social Security on monthly and yearly subscriptions for all employees covered by the provisions of social security, and the follow-up work related to injuries, retirement and so on.
  8. Working on the computerization of all procedures at the Section, and trying to move from paper and manual work to modern systems.
  9. Following the annual evaluation for employees, as well as implementing its results.
  10. Follow-up of enrolled in training courses through commitment contracts and ensuring the receipt of diplomas obtained.
  11. Providing the Department of Finance with functional measures of increasing salaries, appointment rights settlement and salary deductions ... etc and ensuring them to be projected on salaries.
  12. Management of life insurance for employees through the follow-up with the University and the insurance company concerned, and providing statements concerning the University staff .
  13. Reviewing regulations and continuously developing them in accordance with the development of the University.
  14. Issuing all letters for staff, whether directed to embassies or related to the attendance of conferences, in addition to personal and experience certificates.
  15. Follow-up of procedures for appointment , starting from determining the vacancies, then the polarization process and appointment duly after confirming the completion of the entire proceedings 
  16. Follow-up of the affairs of day laborers, including leave time and overtime... and preparing their own payroll at the end of each month.