President of PSUT opens the University’s Fourth Culture Week

Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 10:30




The President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, opened the Fourth Culture Week, organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University, in the presence of Vice President Prof. Mohammad Mismar, Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Rami Salem and a number of deans, faculty members, students and staff. The Culture Week is part of the Deanship's range of extracurricular activities aimed at encouraging students' interaction with their local community and enhancing their cultural knowledge, in order to provide society with a generation of enlightened young people who are outstanding in both the academic and cultural spheres.
The activities got underway with the opening of the Book Fair, which was supported by a number of public and private bookshops and libraries. The exhibition included a selection of free books provided by the National Library, in addition to a booth to raise anti-smoking awareness, and a display of students' drawings and creative works. A special booth was dedicated to the El Hassan Scientific Library. Following the opening ceremony, there was a literary seminar about the poet and writer H.E. Jeries Samawi entitled "Culture and Life" which included poetry readings. The activities included a performance of “Nonsense Talk” by the University's theatrical troupe, from the director Kashef Sameeh. After the performance, the actress Nadira Omran was honored on the occasion of "World Theater Week". Honors were also awarded to the student Rami Al-Nasser who joined the University troupe in 2011 and remains one of its most prominent members.
The five-day event  includes sports displays, an exhibition of works by cartoonist Omar  Al Abdallat, the judging of a cartoon art competition, and a dialogue session entitled "Turks Agree to Learn the Language of Dad (the Arabic language)" organized by the Nun Cultural Club. There was also a viewing of a film about global warming, and a booth displaying the innovations of Muslim scientists, organized jointly by the Astronomy Club and Heritage Club.
One of the days of the Culture Week is dedicated to inspiring young women to join the labor market, organized in cooperation with the US Embassy and the Business and Professional Women Association, Amman.
Within the framework of Culture Week, the poet Mahmoud Darwish will be commemorated by a display of his poetic works and a summary of his life story.
The final day of Culture Week will conclude with a reading of some of the students’ most outstanding creative works. The Debating Club has arranged a debate between the Schools on the subject of "The Arabic language against vernacular dialects".
In addition, prizes will be awarded to the winners of student competitions aimed at encouraging creativity, cultural competitions and the most well-read students, in addition to honoring the winners of the photography competition and a competition open to all Jordanian universities for the best scientific article.
It is worth mentioning that the University’s El Hassan Library participated in more than one of the Culture Week activities, including the workshop "Using E-Ma’refa Database as a Resource in Scientific Research”, in addition to the "Know Your Library" competition. A workshop will be held on using the ACM database and its publishing criteria, in addition to a workshop on the use of the Emerald database. A booth will also be set up to represent the company of TechKnowledge.