Princess Sumaya University for Technology leads Jordanian Universities Across the Board in Competence Examination

Tuesday, December 27, 2016 - 11:45


PSUT continues on its journey of pioneering excellence as the university takes first place among all the government and private universities of Jordan in the Competency Examination set by HEAC for students expected to graduate at the close of the current academic semester. The purpose of the exam is to uncover and resolve weak points, as well as highlight and reinforce strengths, thus encouraging competition between the different universities. A total of 19,680 students sat the exam from 20,145 IT students in the Kingdom.

PSUT has been able to achieve top positions in this exam since 2004, attaining first place in both 2005 and 2006 in the Jordanian Competency Exam for Computer Science. In the Competency Exam which was held at the beginning of the current year (2016), PSUT also attained first place in Computer Animation, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Accounting, Business Management, Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering and Electrical Power and Energy, which make up 73% of the courses of study offered at the university. Therefore, PSUT was crowned the leading university in Jordan according to the overall results.

PSUT stands out amongst its peers of Jordanian universities as being the only one to hold an acceptance test, with the express aim of attracting exceptional students. The refusal rate for this year was above 65%, a percentage directly affected by the results of the acceptance test which is a standard procedure at the top universities around the world. The number of students who gained admission to the university this year from among the top-scoring students in the High School Certificate exams was very high. Attracting the best students is one of the distinguishing features of PSUT, in addition to its being a forerunner in offering high quality courses of study that are rare or even unavailable at other Jordanian universities.

PSUT was awarded the First Degree of Independence Decoration, in recognition of the exceptional status reached by the university since its establishment in 1991 on both a national and regional level. This honor was also bestowed due to the exceptional contribution the university has made to development in the fields of Information Technology, Communications and Business in Jordan. PSUT is also distinguished by its record of providing unique programs of study, and for its high standards in the arenas of scientific research and teaching. Another special feature at PSUT is the focus on planting the seeds of innovative thinking in its students which leads to a supply of graduates entering the local, regional and international markets armed with high levels of scientific and technical competence. PSUT also concentrates on establishing international joint programs, linking the university with overseas and regional universities. PSUT was able to attain the international accreditation ABET for four different courses in the Engineering and Computer Science majors. This is the embodiment of HRH Princess Sumaya’s vision in her capacity as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, of putting the university in its rightful place among the top internationally renowned universities of the world. PSUT emphasizes quality and not quantity to achieve its supreme mission of graduating exceptional students and supplying local and international markets with a generation of aware, innovative youth, with high faith in its country and people.          

A point worthy of mention is that curricular activities are not the only area in which the university and its students excel. PSUT won first place among Jordanian universities in the Arab Programming Competition (ACM) which was held recently in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, with 100 teams competing from various Arab countries. PSUT has also obtained exceptional results in various programming competitions, the most prominent of which was PSUT’s team winning first place among 100 teams in the Arab countries category and eighth place in the international category in the IEEE Extreme competition where they competed against over 2,000 teams.        

Another point to emphasize is that a number of students have been chosen to work in international beacons of scientific development such as NASA, in addition to international involvement in various sporting events, the most outstanding of which  being the participation of  a female student in climbing one of the highest mountain peaks in the world, at the same time raising the Jordanian flag and the PSUT reputation, a phase in the preparation for climbing Mount Everest, thus becoming the youngest and first Arab girl to achieve this endeavor.