PSUT and INTAJ support the "One Thousand Entrepreneurs" initiative

Sunday, July 30, 2017 - 09:30



The University of Princess Sumaya for Technology and the Information Technology Association of Jordan (INTAJ) have signed a cooperation agreement to support the “One Thousand Entrepreneurs” initiative launched by INTAJ, which involves providing consultancy support and guidance in the necessary steps for establishing entrepreneurial companies, developing business models, marketing, market access and networking with investors and partners. The aim is to teach entrepreneurs how to effectively present their ideas and companies to these parties along with other techniques and skills needed for a start-up company to achieve its goals, especially in the early days.

The agreement was signed by PSUT President, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai and INTAJ CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, in the presence of Eng. Nidal Al-Bitar and the Dean of King Talal College for Business Technology, Dr. Shafiq Haddad and the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship.

Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai emphasized the University’s full belief that education, investment and infrastructure are essential components for promoting a thriving culture of entrepreneurship and building a generation that believes in innovation. The University has worked with governments, educators, non-profit organizations and the industrial sector in order to enhance capacity-building in each of these areas. Through the “One Thousand Entrepreneurs” initiative, individuals can acquire the skills, technology know-how and resources needed to build entrepreneurial projects that increase creativity, create jobs and accelerate economic growth in a way that positively affects Jordanian society and enhances the abilities and prospects of the younger generation to be among the decision-makers of the future.

The CEO of INTAJ, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, said that the Association’s interest in launching this initiative reflects its belief in the importance of entrepreneurship in stimulating the economy and accelerating development. He pointed out that small and medium-sized companies were the main factor in creating thousands of jobs in the Kingdom In the past years, adding that the Association will be responsible for providing the digital incubator for the selected projects, as well as evaluating the projects and ideas that will be presented through PSUT’s Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship. They will also hold events where companies and potential investors will be invited to attend presentations of ideas and projects.

During the first three months of enrollment, a star platform of entrepreneurs will provide e-training services and teach how to develop a business plan to present the idea and ensure its readiness for the labor market. The partners will be able to track the progress of the entrepreneurs that they are supporting. Supporting partners can select entrepreneurs from a number of groups, such as entrepreneurs and start-ups, students from various universities and majors (especially students in their final year of study who are presenting their graduation projects), specialists from the public and private sectors, and talented individuals from all over the Kingdom.

The methodology laid out for the entrepreneurs enrolled in the initiative means that a star platform will provide a specialized training program that includes a set of educational videos, an intensive training course, as well as carefully-selected exams and certificates. Participants will pass through 20 training stages, covering crucial areas such as: successful start, market research, finance, investment, law, business creation, advertising, PR, suppliers, bookkeeping, work from home, sales, self-development, teamwork, action plan, difficulties and opportunities, franchise, governance, product management and intellectual property.