PSUT becomes the first university worldwide to launch an electronic application for the deaf and mute

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 13:30



Continuing its quest for creativity and excellence and the pursuit of outperforming its sister universities in all arenas, Princess Sumaya University of Technology added a new landmark of innovative achievement when, during the graduation ceremony for the 23rd class of graduates, it added an electronic application aimed at serving the deaf and mute community to the University's website. Users can employ the application to read any written text on the site by placing the mouse on it. The application was launched in the presence of the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, HE Majd Shweikeh.

It is a source of pride and pleasure that the application was created and designed by the graduates of the University who founded Mind Rockets, making PSUT the first university in the world to use this application. To the best of our knowledge, there are more than 360 million deaf people in the world, 80% of whom do not know how to read or write with 12.6 million deaf people in the Arab world 90% of whom are illiterate, which means the presence of such an application on the PSUT website brings a unique, distinctive quality to the University.

Congratulations to Princess Sumaya University for Technology and its creative innovators for this priceless achievement.