PSUT Hosts the Preparatory Meeting for the Final Conference of the Project ‘Improving the Quality of e-Learning in Jordanian Universities’

Monday, January 9, 2017 - 14:00


Professor Abdallah Al-Zoubi, Vice President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology and Director of the Project to Enhance the Quality of e-Learning in Jordanian Universities chaired the preparatory meeting for the project’s final conference. The project is run under the umbrella of the European Tempus program with the aim of developing the institutions of higher education and creating opportunities for collaboration between higher education establishments in the European Union and partnering countries. The meeting was attended by Professor Michael Blakemore, the external observer, and representatives from the Jordanian University, Yarmouk University, the Hashemite University, Al-Hussein bin Talal University and the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education. During the meeting, Professor Al-Zoubi stated that the project is continuing its mission to improve and develop e-learning in addition to implementing the international accreditation standards to ensure the quality of e-learning courses on a national level. He added that the conference provides a platform to discuss the latest advances regarding the project, especially with regard to the design of the three pilot e-courses in the subjects of English Language, Renewable Energy and Communications Engineering Laboratory.

Professor Al-Zoubi stated that PSUT has been chosen from among the project partners to open up an e-learning center.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the initial plan for the project’s final conference which will be held at the PSUT campus on the period 8-9 May 2017. On Mandy, 8 May 2017, the focus of the conference will be the higher education system in Jordan and possible avenues of development, in addition to presenting and discussing the ideas and aspirations regarding e-learning and its effect on the teaching process. He put forward some tangible models for teaching e-courses and displayed the most pertinent results arrived at by the project.

On Tuesday, 9 May 2017, the e-Learning Center will host the first strategic peer learning forum to bring together a range of European experts on e-Learning and invited senior staff from Jordanian Universities. The forum will enable an intensive exchange of good practice, policy challenges, and opportunities for the higher education system in Jordan.