PSUT Takes First Place in the Subjects Exams for Most Majors in the National Proficiency Test

Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:15




PSUT recently achieved excellent results in the National Proficiency Test, set by the HEAC and taken by all students due to graduate from Jordanian universities at the end of the first semester of the 2016/17 academic year. These results serve to reflect the vision of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chairman of the University’s Board of Trustees, while they carry the university into the ranks of leading international universities. PSUT puts the emphasis on quality as the means to realizing the ultimate mission of graduating distinguished students and furnishing the local and international jobs market with a new, innovative generation of young people aware of their responsibilities and possessed of a strong faith in their country and its citizens.

The university moves forward with new accomplishments and continuing excellence; in addition to taking the first place on the general questions section of the University Proficiency Test, it also achieved uplifting results on the intermediate and detailed parts of the exam. This highlights the tremendous efforts put in by the teaching faculty and the administrative staff to raise our students up to this high standard where PSUT leads all of the other Jordanian universities on the general level, as well as taking first place in the intermediate level within the fields of Computing Sciences and Business, with a second place in Engineering.

Furthermore, the university took first place on the subjects portion of the exam in the following majors: Computer Science, Computer Animation, Software Engineering, Communications Engineering, Electrical Power and Energy Engineering, e-Marketing and Social Media, and Management Information Systems. Second place was gained in the field of Electronic Engineering, while third place was taken in both Business Administration and Accounting. The majors in which PSUT gained top ranking on the subjects level constitute 73% of the courses offered by the university.

PSUT has upheld its outstanding ranking in this examination since 2004, maintaining the lead in excellence with first place in both 2005 and 2006 in the Jordanian Proficiency Test in the major of Computer Science. As for the Proficiency Test that was set at the beginning of 2016, the university also gained top ranking in Computer Graphics and Animation, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Accounting, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Power and Energy Engineering, making up 73% of the university’s majors. Once again, in the Test undertaken by students at the close of the year, PSUT was crowned as the overall leader among Jordanian universities on the general section of the test.

PSUT is exceptional among its peers because it runs an admissions entry exam for all of its majors, as is common practice in the top universities worldwide, with the aim of accepting only the best students. The refusal rate this year was over 65%, while the percentage of students who gained high average marks in the High School Certificate exams and were accepted by the university was very high. PSUT maintains its position as a leading university by offering high quality courses and majors, some of which are unique to the university.

The university was awarded the Decoration of Independence, First Class, in recognition of the advanced standards that it has achieved, on both the national and regional scene, since it was established in 1991. PSUT has also made outstanding contributions in developing the sectors of Information Technology, Communications, and Business in Jordan, by introducing majors exclusive to the university and excelling in both academic and research endeavors. Great effort is made at the university to encourage students to be creative and innovative to ultimately provide the local, regional and overseas jobs markets with a high level of scientific and technical qualifications. PSUT also focuses on developing overseas exchange programs and international joint programs, forging links with a number of Arab and international universities. Another distinction is PSUT’s success in gaining international accreditation from ABET for four of its majors in Engineering and Computer Science.

It is worth mentioning that the successes of PSUT and its students aren’t confined to the classroom. Rather, a team recently represented the university at the Arab programming competition by ACM at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, taking first prize among all Jordanian universities. The university has obtained outstanding results in a number of programming competitions, the most noteworthy being recently when a team from PSUT won first prize in the regional competition and eighth place on the international level from among 2,000 teams at the IEEE-Extreme Competition.

In addition to all these achievements, a number of PSUT students have been chosen to undergo training at such leading internationally known sites as NASA Space Laboratories. Other highlights include the participation of a female student in an expedition to scale one of the highest summits in the world, to raise high both the flag of Jordan and the name of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, in preparation for the next stage, climbing Mount Everest, thus becoming the first and youngest female from the Arab world to perform this feat.