Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship hosts the international entrepreneur Kamran Elahian to address the dreams of Jordanian entrepreneurs

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 12:45


The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship at Princess Sumaya University for Technology hosted the global entrepreneur Kamran Elahian for a dialogue session entitled "The Challenges of Chaos and Conflict: An Opportunity for Creativity and Innovation." The session was held at the Zain Business Center in Al Hussein Business Park to allow entrepreneurs to benefit from the guest’s experience and to use that knowledge to move forward and stimulate their creativity and innovation to turn their ideas into successful business projects and harness them to serve the community.

The session was opened by Dr. Abdul Rahim Abu Al Basal, Executive Director of QRCE. He expressed his appreciation for the visit, saying "Our hosting of this event comes within the framework of our integrated efforts to support the capabilities of our youth through all means, which includes networking with experienced entrepreneurs and decision-makers to learn about their entrepreneurial journey and gain from their diverse experiences in the contemporary business world. Our goal is to develop the capabilities of our Jordanian youth, open up for them new horizons and give them the ability to compete, all of which helps to bolster the nation’s economy. The Center plays a vital role in the process of sustainable economic development by contributing to the diversification of the productive base and sources of income, as well as creating more jobs and attracting investments in various sectors."

The guest speaker, Kamran Elahian, founder of Global Catalyst Foundation, commented: "First of all, I thank the Jordanian people for their hospitality. The adoption of modern technology, and the passion and faith of Jordanian youth is the cornerstone for stimulating innovation and unleashing entrepreneurial companies which will bolster economic progress and create new jobs. The process requires the pumping of new blood and the promotion of human activity within the national economy in order to subsequently take the leap into international and global markets."

It is worth mentioning that the leader Kamran Elahian’s message is based on his vision to achieve global philanthropy through the ability of technology to solve social and political conflicts around the world.

The attendees expressed their pleasure at being able to participate in the workshop. Khaled Hijab, CEO of Tech Tribes said, “We were very pleased to attend the event and thank Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship for inviting Kamran Elahian and enabling us to benefit from his expertise."