Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Student clubs are student organizations fall under the supervision of Musharraf clubs student follows the Deanship of Student Affairs, plays an important role in the construction of educational and lifestyle among students experience and allow them the opportunity to practice non-academic activities will help them integrate into the university community with colleagues who share with them the same concerns, and support for opportunities developmental rich contribute to the understanding of how to work through groups also help to refine some of the skills in a practical way, such as communication and teamwork and leadership so that it is through the discovery and investment talents and energies for the benefit of university students as the Princess Sumaya University of Technology of the most universities interest student and help to translate all the ideas that come to the mind of the student enable students to practice their activities and various hobbies which where these clubs are interested in providing humanitarian services to university students and the local community.


Supervisor of Clubs and Social Activities

Manar AL Shreideh


Tel: +962 6 535 9949  Ext: 111  Fax: +962 6 534 7295

Mobile: +962 79 804 7069  



P.O.Box 1438 Al-Jubaiha - Amman, 11941 Jordan