Section of Supplies is the vital artery, which bears the responsibility of providing the University with all its needs and requirements of construction materials and educational supplies (equipment and tools) necessary to various fields and disciplines in the appropriate quantities at the right time, taking into account high quality and lowest possible prices, as well as specifications required, in coordination with the competent authorities at the University. The Section secures supplies by buying from companies and contractors following the procurement mechanism and according to the bylaw of supplies and works in force at the University.


  1. Securing supplies for the University according to high-quality standards.
  2. Ensuring the availability of supplies, continuity of flow and efficiency.
  3. Developing databases and computerized systems to monitor the use of supplies at the University, as well as their coding, recording and inventoring.
  4. Developing the skills of the Section staff to keep up with modern management systems.


  1. Addressing the sources of supplies within and outside the Kingdom and providing the tenders committee or other authorities competent to buy supplies at the University with information available to the Section about those sources.
  2. Provision of supplies to the University , examining and receiving , recording and coding, storage and arrangement of supplies in warehouses, as well as insurance , maintenance , inventory , supervision , distribution, control of inventory and monitoring the disposition of supplies and their suitability , according to the provisions of the bylaw of supplies and works in force at the University.
  3. Classification of supplies and their warehouses according to modern methods in the management of supplies, as well as organizing warehouses in coordination and cooperation with other relevant authorities at the University.
  4. Meeting the needs of the University of the required materials, trying to get the best prices from the local market and providing materials needed by deanships and departments at the University.