King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research



The King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is a national and regional hub that qualifies competent postgraduate students in the specialized fields of scientific research applications for industry. The Graduate School will make available to individuals desiring graduate studies a selection of rigorous and high-quality degrees that will enhance their professional skills and intellectual development. It will be recognized for the quality of the advanced study, research, and creative production put forth by the students and faculty. Students completing programs of study shall be recognized for their excellence in research and creative professional performance.


The mission of the King Abdullah I School for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is to contribute to the socio-economic development of Jordan by preparing graduates who provide quality and advance scientific research-oriented technology solutions. It aims to provide leadership and administrative assistance to the Schools and Departments of PSUT for the purpose of developing high-quality professional Master’s programs. The School shall serve as an advocate before the community in support of the students and shall provide for their welfare.


  • Human Resources: Build the capacity of faculty, research supervisors, management and administration staff who will run the Master Programs.
  • Students: Attract and enroll quality students with a strong leaning to scientific research and capabilities to implement it.
  • Curricula: Develop quality content for teaching and supervising research including graduate programs curricula and research manuals based on best practices.
  • Management of the programs: Build the management and operational capacity of the School to ensure successful implementation of the Master’s programs.
  • Financing: Attract and secure the financial resources required to implement the Master’s programs, cultivating national, regional and international resources.