Organizing and coordinating each semester’s study schedules as proposed by the Schools, helping students to register the courses they will study during the semester from across the range of the University's various disciplines, and conducting all the required services for the process of withdrawing and adding courses, and providing alternative courses.
Publishing the lists of students expected to graduate in each semester, according to the established mechanism.
Preparing the data and information concerning the student cases that need to be presented to the School Board or Board of Deans for examination and recommendation for action in accordance with the rules and regulations.
Implementing procedures and follow-up with regard to students being prohibited from completing courses, and students wishing to withdraw from courses, in accordance with the regulations.
Implementing procedures and follow-up ensuring students receive their degree certificates, and verification of documents and certificates.
Receiving applications for deferral and withdrawal from the semester and execution of the necessary procedures.
Issuing university degree certificates and transcripts, as well as maintaining student records and filing notifications of disciplinary proceedings.
Receiving and checking marks, publishing exam results, calculating and recording semester and cumulative averages.
Following up students’ academic records and preparing lists of students under official warning or dismissed from their specializations and informing the concerned parties.
Checking study plans for all students expected to graduate at the end of each semester, double-checking their files and averages, and preparing lists of graduates at the end of each semester.
Preparing lists of academically distinguished students, students under official warning, and those who fail to meet requirements.
Integrating or cancelling course teaching groups at the request of the Schools, according to the capacity of the course teaching groups.
Managing the Deanship’s electronic registration system in cooperation with the Computer Center and monitoring the service of the network and the server.