Tasks of the Academic Advising Office

In view of the importance given to academic advising at PSUT, a special division has been formed to monitor this task at the Deanship of Admissions and Registration, and it carries out the following tasks:

  1. Plan, coordinate and supervise the implementation of the academic advising process at the University, in addition to raising awareness of the process.
  2. Raising the University's competitiveness in academic advising according to international standards.
  3. Establishing an advanced infrastructure, enhancing cooperation between all Schools, and forming working teams for academic advising and raising awareness of its importance.
  4. Disclosure and publication of the rules and regulations governing study, examinations and all matters related to academic services.
  5. Monitoring the publication of study plans and ensuring that any new amendments to them are publicized.
  6. Supervising the advisor’s role in the academic advising process and monitoring his/her performance via a range of tools (office hours).
  7. Assisting students to adapt to university life and learn about its environment, as well as providing them with current information about majors and educational policy at the University.
  8. Providing the necessary support to students who are facing difficulties in their academic careers.
  9. Taking care of outstanding students and providing the necessary assistance to enhance their capabilities and support their creativity.
  10. Keeping open channels of communication with students via social networking sites.