ABET / Engineering




(Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET


PSUT is one of the first universities in Jordan to obtain ABET international accreditation for its majors. The following specializations have obtained this accreditation:

  • Communications Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Power and Energy Engineering

Currently, accreditation procedures for the Networks Security program are underway.


 About the Accreditation:

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is an American non-governmental organization that accredits academic programs in colleges and universities around the world in the fields of applied science, computer engineering, technology, and is one of the most trusted academic accreditation institutions in the USA. ABET has been providing certification of quality assurance of academic programs in undergraduate studies for more than 75 years.


 What does ABET accreditation mean?

ABET accreditation is an affirmation that the receiving academic program applies the quality standards of education agreed upon by those with relevant experience in education to equip and qualify students. Learning specifications are set in terms of the mission of the academic program, learning goals, learning outcomes and the study plan for engineering programs, by experts in engineering education with confirmation of mechanisms to ensure that feedback is gathered from all possible sources and used for continuous improvement of the academic program so that graduates of these programs continue to possess the highest specifications, qualifications and skills are needed by the labor market. It also ensures that the graduate is capable of continuing self-learning which will enable him/her to keep pace with developments in the selected field.


Why is ABET accreditation considered important?

  • ABET accreditation ensures confidence that the academic program has met the basic criteria for preparing graduates for entry into the STEM fields that have become a crucial requirement for the global job market.
  • Graduates from an ABET accredited program have a strong educational foundation and are able to keep pace with the accelerated pace of technological innovations and developments.
  • Accreditation assists students and their parents in choosing a reliable major, as it guarantees to students that their educational experience meets international standards for learning and technical education in the professional field.
  • Accreditation gives companies and employers the opportunity to choose and employ graduates in the knowledge that those graduates have been taught the specialization according to international standards.
  • It increases graduate employment opportunities as multinational companies require graduation from an accredited program.
  • Registrars and the bodies that issue licenses and certificates can use the accreditation to select applicants for these licenses and certificates.
  • Accreditation helps universities and departments in setting up an organized mechanism to assess and develop the quality of their programs.
  • For further information, please visit: http://www.abet.org