Vision , Mission and Goals

Student Affairs Deanship Brochure

Vision of the Deanship:

To be the cornerstone of the university to provide care and student activities supporting the academic environment, and to create an educated, creative and qualified generation for the development of society.


Deanship Message:

The Deanship of Student Affairs provides the services required by the student during his university career and prepares the necessary means and capabilities for practicing the various activities in all cultural, artistic, sports and social fields in order to enhance the student's personality and enable him to contribute to the public work and prepare him for active participation in the post- And develop his abilities with high skills, expertise and values that qualify him to play a leading role in serving the community and strengthening his membership of his university and his country.


Tasks of the Deanship:

  • Supervising student safety and monitoring their health insurance.
  • Take care of students, guide them, follow up on their issues, follow up the behavioral and academic situation of students and help solve their problems.
  • Implement the various extracurricular activities at the university (sports, cultural, artistic and social) and encourage students to engage in them.
  • Providing various student services (issuing permits, university identities, transportation, student trips, etc.) and organizing them.
  • Supervising and organizing the activities of the committees, committees and student clubs.
  • Organizing and supervising events related to students (celebrations, lectures, competitions and any other activities).
  • Sponsoring talented students in various cultural, artistic, social and sports activities and forming teams related to activities.
  • Follow-up and coordination of all student cases and procedures for investigating student irregularities in accordance with the laws, regulations and legislation in force at the university.
  • Receiving international students and assisting them in completing admission and registration procedures and taking care of them during the university stage
  • Providing care and assistance to students with special needs and caring for them.
  • Organizing sport activities at the university and university level and providing students with the opportunity to practice their sports activities.
  • Organizing and supervising the graduation ceremony.
  • Pay attention to the student's personality and commitment to refinement, development and care.
  • Supervising the student council elections and different clubs.



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