King Abdullah II School of Engineering


This new program covers the basics of essential electrical engineering specializations and offers the required depth and focus in one of four areas: electronics, computers, communications and power. It provides students with up-to-date courses in each area. It covers analysis and design using latest international tools and software adopted by modern industry.

The curriculum was designed to include a mandatory common mix of electronics, computers, communications and control courses. The student can also select courses from the elective lists in the four areas to establish the required knowledge and depth in the sought specialty. The student can chose the thesis or non-thesis option. The thesis track requires conducting a specialized scientific research, write up a thesis and defend it against the examining committee. The non-thesis track requires passing a general exam, taken after successfully finishing all courses, and finishing an advanced project with a detailed report. The program is taught and supervised by distinguished, experienced and specialized faculty, who graduated from well-known internationally recognized universities.

The program is based on 34 credit hours, of which 9 are elective hours. This program accepts students with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, or any of its subspecialties, or a degree close to it, with a grade of “good” or “c” or higher.