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The Deanship of Admissions and Registration Building

The Deanship, in brief
The Deanship of Admissions and Registration was established on 1/11/2015. It is considered one of the most important deanships in the University and the effective engine behind all other academic and technical work. It is the student’s gateway to the University, overseeing his/her affairs from the time of acceptance, throughout the period of study and even after graduation. The Deanship’s responsibilities cover the issuing of and monitoring of the implementation of the regulations governing the granting of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees, as well as the preparation of study plans. The Deanship consists of three departments:
1. Department of Admissions and Registration.
2. Department of Cultural Exchange and Alumni Affairs.
3. Department of Development and Studies.
A message from the Dean

A message from the Dean

The Deanship of Admissions and Registration is the most important supporting deanship at PSUT. A crucial part of its duties and mission is to strive to provide the best services for students, faculty members, the Schools, centers and society at large. It is the first gateway by which students enter the University and the final gate by which they exit at graduation, thus it is the responsibility of the Deanship to follow the students’ academic process from the moment of admission to the University right through to graduation.

The Deanship is also tasked with making available all information about the University, its Schools and specializations, as well as publishing the conditions governing admission to the University, the rules and regulations for the granting of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees, and study plans in coordination with the deanships and members of the teaching and administrative bodies and academic advisors. The Deanship also deals with internal and external scholarship programs and joint programs with American and European universities. In addition, it follows up on the status of graduate students and maintains them in accordance with the vision, mission and goals of the University.


The Deanship is focusing on the process of academic advising, especially after becoming a member of the Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA), in addition to monitoring the application of quality assurance requirements through increased information and implementation of the regulations, and the audit of the academic situation, paying attention to academic standards and development.

The Deanship is working hard to use new technologies that contribute to improving working procedures and thus providing better services to our dear students, in a timely and highly professional manner.

In conclusion, we are committed, by the grace of God, to make the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at PSUT stand out among Jordanian universities and others in the region. We wish our dear students continued success during their studies and a bright future after graduation.


Prof. Abdul Ghafoor Ibrahim Al Saidi    

Dean of Admissions and Registration 

Vision, Mission, Objectives

 The pursuit of excellence in providing admission and registration services to stakeholders in alignment with overall quality standards.


Improvement of Admissions and Registration Deanship services pertinent to students and faculty by using state of the art techniques in alignment with local and international standards.



- Concluding the establishment of the Deanship and its management structure and improvement of work procedures.

- Working to provide excellent admission and registration services while applying modern techniques and striving for continued improvement.

- Improving academic guidance and making students aware of the University’s regulations and ensuring that they abide by them to achieve an outstanding educational environment.

- Improving the procedures regarding expected graduates and following up on graduate affairs in light of achieving the University’s goals.

Focusing attention on scholarships for student exchange programs and strengthening the University’s external collaboration relationships on the local, regional and international levels.

- Improving the management and organizational aspects of the Deanship according to comprehensive quality assurance standards

Organizational Structure

Contact Us


Phone : +962-6-5359949  Ext. 5600

Fax : +962-6-5347295


Name Title Ext. Email
Prof. Abdul Ghafoor  The Dean 5601
Farah Thabet Secretary to the Dean 5600
lara hasweh Registrar 5608
Hadeel Abu Farha Head of Studies and Development Department 5611
Ibrahim Al-Ghourani Head of Admission and Registration Department 5609
Reem Al Areeni  Officer for Cultural Exchange and Alumni Affairs 5608
Shareef AL-Badarneh Officer for the Care of Gifted Students 5607
Lina Saadeh  Registrar 5610
Yumna Hassouneh Registrar 5603
Fadwa Abu Al Foul  Documentation Officer 5605
Ahmed Dabbas Registration Clerk 5602

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