After achieving 100% at high school, Dana Al-Taher sees her dream come true as she joins PSUT

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 13:45

When student Dana Al-Taher received motivational honors from the President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, five years ago, when she was in the seventh grade of primary school, she made it her ambition to become a student at this University. When she got 100% in the high school exams, she achieved her ambition, as shown in the second photo as she receives welcome honors from the President.

Dana could have enrolled in any major she chose from among the medical specialties, as is the custom in our society, but she prefers to pursue her dream and achieve it with great distinction by studying Computer Engineering, the specialization that she loves passionately, as she put it.

Al-Taher added that the words of PSUT’s President when she was in the seventh grade served as a motivation for her to persevere and strive hard, and to pursue a major she wanted, adding that she would serve her country through it, and that she would put the same effort that she would have put into studying Medicine into the study of her chosen specialization.

At a meeting to welcome those students who achieved full grades and enrolled at PSUT, the President of the University said that he was happy with this coincidence recounted by Dana, and his happiness is even greater that she is fulfilling her dream, adding that the University provides a fertile environment for creativity, and celebrates creative and outstanding people who want to pursue their dreams. PSUT provides them with all forms of support, indicating that the country needs such young people who think outside the box, and break the stereotypical thinking of society, that the most outstanding students should study Medicine.

Al-Refai urged Dana and her colleagues not only to rely on their excellence, but rather to continue to exert their best efforts and pursue their dreams, working hard to achieve them and provide service to the homeland wherever they may be.