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Business Administration

Business Administration B.Sc. - About

The undergraduate program in Business Administration was established at the beginning of the 2009/2010 academic year, it was designed according to the latest academic, scientific and technological requirements, which include multiple fields of knowledge and skills suited to the requirements of education and development programs. The program is geared to providing the Jordanian labor market with highly-skilled, competent graduates, capable of keeping pace with local and global changes and developments in the field, According to the latest academic, scientific and technological requirements that include areas of knowledge and multiple skills that are compatible with the requirements of education and development programs.


Departmental graduation requirements:

Within the plan of the program, the passage of (132) credit hours is required to grant this degree, which includes various fields of knowledge and skills, of which (27) credit hours are compulsory university requirements, (24) credit hours are college requirements and (81) credit hours are distributed as follows: (66) hours Accredited study as the mandatory specialization requirements, and (15) credit hours of elective specialization requirements.


Possible fields of work for graduates:

various administrative positions in human resources, operations management, quality management, small business management, development programs, planning, public relations manager, production manager, sales manager, business administration, the field of Education and Administrative Studies, Administrative Supervisor, Director of Public Services, Researcher and Administrative Development Specialist, Researcher and Planning Specialist, Personnel Officer, Inspector and Personnel Specialist, Researcher and Training Specialist, Tender Auditor, Warehouse Keeper, Procurement Auditor, Integrated Consulting, Consulting in the Private Sector.