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Business Information Technology

Business Information Technology Program - About

The Business Information Technology Program is one of the programs based on the merging of majors, as it is a mixture of information technology and business administration specialties. The program was designed to meet the urgent need in the labor market, as a gap was noticed in the labor market between the business administration and information technology sectors, so the program was designed to supply the market with qualified graduates who can harness modern information technology to serve decision-makers and workers in institutions.

Departmental graduation requirements:

Within the plan of the program, the passage of (132) credit hours is required to grant this degree, which includes various fields of knowledge and skills, of which (27) credit hours are compulsory university requirements, (24) credit hours are college requirements and (81) credit hours are distributed as follows: (66) hours Accredited study as the mandatory specialization requirements, and (15) credit hours of elective specialization requirements.

Possible fields of work for graduates:

This specialty is newly-founded, thus there are currently no graduates holding this degree, and the Jordanian labor market is awaiting their arrival. Graduates of this specialty work in all fields related to the use of information systems to manage institutions, store data, process and analyze it, and provide appropriate information to decision-makers, including: functions of planning and applying digital technology techniques to achieve enterprise goals, functions of managing and designing operational steps for information technology projects in various bodies, and functions of using applications of this Specialization in Communications and Data Transfer, Strategic Planning Jobs for Business Information Systems, Director of Business Information Systems Department, Executive Director of Business Information Technology Department, Administrative Support and Decision Support Systems positions, along with well-known business management functions that require technical expertise.