Care of gifted students

Definition of ‘gifted’
Students who have extraordinary talents, abilities, or perform in a way that stands out from the rest of their peers in one or more of the areas that is valued by society, especially in the field of intellectual excellence, innovative thinking, educational attainment, special skills and abilities, and need special care that is not fully available to them in regular study programs.
Objectives of the Office
To reinforce the feeling of patriotism in gifted students and direct their abilities toward service of the country.
To enforce the University's policy regarding talented students.
To create an educational environment that allows talented people to display their talents, and develop their capabilities and potential. 
To teach faculty members and supervisors how to identify students' diverse talents and abilities, and provide them with various methods of enhancing the strengths of all students, in all spheres.
To help in providing all students with fair and varied educational opportunities to display and develop their talents.
To provide organized educational cultivation of the students' diverse talents through the gifted student sponsorship programs both within the University and in the local community.
To prepare talented students to deal effectively with current developments and contribute to the building of national civilization.
To understand the capabilities and aptitude of gifted students and provide them with proper guidance.
To expand gifted students’ awareness of the possible fields in which they can employ their talents, particularly in service of national development goals.
To uncover the latent talents of gifted students and encourage them to be creative and innovative.
To encourage gifted students to continue in the practice and development of their talents. 
To help talented students choose the appropriate professions according to the needs of society and the labor market.
To encourage talented students to be bold and show off their talents.
To provide the appropriate environment for this class of students, and encourage and provide them with care so that they continue to excel, as well as urging their parents to continue doing the same.
To assist some gifted students to get rid of bad habits, and quit psychological and social trends that impede psychological development and social harmony.
To focus on making creative young people capable of becoming, instead of people seeking employment, the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises.
To train and develop the capabilities of those officers who work in the department.
Office procedures and functions 
The preparation of plans for the discovery and care of outstanding and talented students, and monitor the application, evaluation and development of those plans.
The preparation of research, evaluation and development plans in the field of dealing with gifted and talented students at the University.
The preparation, application, evaluation and development of tests for the detection of gifted and talented students in coordination with the relevant parties, or the signing of agreements with parties capable of carrying out the task.
The identification of the training and qualification needs of those working in the care of gifted students, in coordination with the relevant authorities.
The preparation of enrichment programs for the cultivation of outstanding and talented students inside and outside their Schools of specialization.
The establishment of controls and conditions for the nomination of faculty members and academic supervisors to work in the care of gifted students. 
The development of programs and procedural instructions related to the care of gifted and talented students, passing them on to the Deanships of the Schools, and monitoring their implementation. 
Ensuring the provision of the necessary equipment and supplies for the academic sponsorship programs. 
Helping to raise awareness among families and society as a whole of the importance of caring for outstanding and gifted students. 
The establishment of a comprehensive automated information system on the care and development of outstanding and gifted students, in coordination with the relevant parties.
Communicating and working with relevant agencies working in the field of sponsorship of gifted students, both inside and outside the University, to benefit from their expertise and potential.
The preparation of the Center’s annual budget statement and that of the programs in coordination with the relevant parties.
Organizing transactions and information concerning outstanding and gifted students and storing them in a manner that ensures simple and easy access.
The identification of the requirements, and administrative and technical needs of the Center and Schools, and monitoring their provision.
The preparation of periodic and final reports on the programs, activities and achievements of gifted student programs implemented in the Schools. These reports are presented to the University’s agent, and should identify any obstacles to performance and offer ways to overcome them.
The preparation and implementation of the Office’s plan of action.
The forming of partnerships with agencies specializing in the field of talent and creativity, and organizing mutual visits and meetings.
The provision and maintenance of office supplies and equipment.
The preparation of periodic reports on the Office’s work, programs and activities.
The management of students’ affairs in the Office.
Monitoring the organization of special exhibitions of work done by gifted students.
The dissemination of the culture of talent and creativity.
The documentation of the Center’s work.
Coordination with other media outlets.
The preparation of a database of gifted students who have been recipients of the Office’s services.
The provision of psychological and social care to talented students.
Offering guidance to students on how to register patents.
Putting together a file of accomplishments for each student.
The nomination and training of students for participation in competitions that serve students’ varied talents.
Providing links between gifted students and distinguished faculty members and researchers.