Career Week

Career Guidance Week is an annual event held by PSUT, in which companies and institutions from the Jordanian labor market are invited to participate with the aim of displaying the job and training opportunities available to students, and to introduce their activities and contributions to the development of our dear country. The University takes advantage of this event to educate its students about various careers, while providing them with the opportunity to learn about the labor market and the available career opportunities which are of interest to graduates.




The Career Guidance Week includes the following events and activities:

  1. The Career Fair
  2. Conference on Labor Market Requirements and Skills for PSUT Graduates
  3. Exhibition of outstanding graduation projects
  4. Workshops and introductory educational sessions:


  • Workshops on CV writing and how to deal with the labor market.
  • Workshops about success stories, success stories of women entrepreneurs and how to set up a company.
  • Meetings to discuss success stories of PSUT graduates who started their own companies or made other achievements.
  • Organizing visits by labor market experts with expertise in the specializations.




Career Fairs

Every year, Princess Sumaya University for Technology organizes a career fair for its students and graduates. Major companies and institutions are invited to participate. The event is based on PSUT's strategic goals to bridge the gap between the labor market and the local community, and seeks to open communication channels between students and graduates of our University and the government and private sector. The University organizes this exhibition, with the participation of public and private sector institutions that get to meet students and graduates and recruit them to the labor market for employment and training. Our students are highly competent and possess excellent academic and applied qualifications in the fields of communication technology, computing, energy, network security, information and business.










Career Fair 15th

Career Fair 16th



Workshops are considered an important means adopted by the Career Guidance Office, in order to achieve the exchange of expertise and roles in various topics. The Career Guidance Office prepares numerous workshops each semester and academic year, bringing together experts and trainers in a particular field with many students interested in that field and seeking to develop themselves through the information presented in the workshop, and the practical training provided therein. The workshop is an effective method to obtain the missing information that the individual needs in his field of work, whereby he can acquire many of the skills, concepts, and practical methods sought after by graduates, that are not delivered either at university or work.

PSUT is in the habit of holding dozens of workshops annually on topics of interest to graduates, such as skills for dealing with the labor market, how to set up a company, CV writing skills, creative thinking skills, the role of women in technology, and other topics that enhance the personality and ability of graduates to compete in the labor market.













Conference goals:

  • Strengthening the partnership between PSUT’s specializations and labor market institutions.
  • Updating the university’s curricula and courses and working on reformulating them in line with the requirements of the labor market.
  • Exchange of knowledge with labor market institutions.
  • Coordination between university specializations and labor market institutions.
  • Work on preparing graduates equipped with the necessary skills and competencies in accordance with modern scientific developments, and in line with the needs of the local, regional and global market.


Participating parties in the conference:

  1. Leaders and employees in labor market institutions.
  2. Academics and researchers.
  3. PSUT graduates.
  4. PSUT students and prospective graduates.


البيان الختامي للمؤتمر الأول


البيان الختامي للمؤتمر الثاني


البيان الختامي للمؤتمر الثالث


البيان الختامي للمؤتمر الرابع


مؤتمر شركات الخريجين 2018



مؤتمر الموائمة الرابع

The Closing Statement of the Fourth Conference on The Harmonization between PSUT’s Academic Programs and Labor Market Requirements (March 9, 2021)


Guest Speakers

PSUT regularly hosts visits from experts from the labor market and the local community who give applied lectures about the theoretical aspects that are covered in the regular course lectures within the study plan. The aim is to facilitate the linking and networking of PSUT's specializations with the labor market and inform students about the latest market developments. This activity has become a tradition practiced by specializations in the University’s Schools in coordination with the Career Guidance Office to increase the students’ practical experience, and to harmonize the theoretical aspect with labor market requirements. Through this program, about 30 experts are hosted each semester. Held within a coordinated program, the results of these visits are significant and reinforce the students experience in their theoretical studies. The visits also serve to strengthen PSUT's relations with the labor market, and work to implement the University’s strategic objectives of developing its services for students, the local community and the labor market.



Projects Exhibition

As an annual tradition and an outstanding initiative, and to encourage graduates to innovate, the Care of Gifted Students Office in the Deanship of Admissions and Registration, in coordination with the deanships of the Schools, holds an exhibition of graduation projects as part of the Career Guidance Week for the purpose of encouraging graduates to develop entrepreneurial and creative ideas.

The resulting achievements are presented to companies in the labor market through a specialized committee emanating from the business incubator at the Royal Scientific Society’s iPARK, for the purpose of supporting the winning projects and introducing them to the labor market. The projects judged by the committee to be the best three receive honors from the university.








Success Stories