Careers Guidance Week

Career Guidance Week is an annual event held by PSUT, in which companies and institutions from the Jordanian labor market are invited to participate with the aim of displaying the job and training opportunities available to students, and to introduce their activities and contributions to the development of our dear country. The University takes advantage of this event to educate its students about various careers, while providing them with the opportunity to learn about the labor market and the available career opportunities which are of interest to graduates.




The Career Guidance Week includes the following events and activities:

  1. The Career Fair
  2. Conference on Labor Market Requirements and Skills for PSUT Graduates
  3. Exhibition of outstanding graduation projects
  4. Workshops and introductory educational sessions:


  • Workshops on CV writing and how to deal with the labor market.
  • Workshops about success stories, success stories of women entrepreneurs and how to set up a company.
  • Meetings to discuss success stories of PSUT graduates who started their own companies or made other achievements.
  • Organizing visits by labor market experts with expertise in the specializations.