"Center of Excellence for Library Services at Jordanian Private Universities" at PSUT

Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 00:00

The Board of Trustees of Princess Sumaya University for Technology has approved the establishment of the "Center of Excellence for Library Services at Jordanian Private Universities" at the university. The aim is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and assist in facing the continuing challenges in the world of libraries. The Center will also provide an environment supportive of the scientific research movement, and is to be opened in partnership with six private Jordanian universities. The door will remain open for membership opportunities to other Jordanian private universities and research and educational institutions.

HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of PSUT's Board of Trustees, said that the center is the first of its kind amongst private universities in the Arab world and the region, and represents a qualitative, pioneering step in the way of cooperation between universities. It also serves to unify work mechanisms and tools in accordance with local and international professional library standards.

The President of PSUT, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, praised the tireless efforts of the founding universities which have brought the center into being. He stated that the collaborative work between universities will remain a strategic feature that supports and enhances their work and keeps pace with their aspirations.

The Vice President of the University and Chair of the Center’s Board of Directors, Prof. Mohammad Sababheh, affirmed that the center will work to rationalize universities’ expenditures by unifying mechanisms of collective participation in printed and digital information sources, and through the optimal use of human, material and financial resources in accordance with local and international professional library standards. It will also supply the information network in member universities with important resources.

The Acting Director of the El Hassan Library at the University, Mr. Shadi Humaidat, reviewed the center's functions which include the possibility of collective negotiation to participate in the sources of information, especially in light of the high prices of intellectual product globally, and the limited budget of private universities, which allows the ability to establish strategic partnerships and alliances in line with the global transformation of education, and access to open information sources.

The center’s work began with a meeting of its board of directors, held via visual communication technology, which was attended by the library directors of the founding universities, with the aim of developing a mechanism to implement its objectives.

The establishment of the center was initiated last August by the following private universities: Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Philadelphia, Al-Israa, Irbid National University, the Middle East University, and Aqaba University of Technology