Chairman's Statement

This is a time of great change in the Arab world. In the midst of transition and uncertainty, we believe that our brightest young people deserve every chance to help build a better future. We want to help make this a time of unprecedented opportunity for you, our brightest young Jordanians. We believe that the Information Age offers unlimited hope for growth, creativity and peace and we are determined to bridge the gap between education and industry so that you may follow your destiny.

The students and faculty of Princess Sumaya University for Technology are driving the agenda for integration between academia, innovation and entrepreneurship. We understand the importance of facilitating a natural flow of talent and creativity in every direction. We begin by listening to industry, educators and to you, the ICT professionals of tomorrow, so we can ensure that our curricula are responsive to the ever-changing needs of local, regional and global markets – That means building and maintaining a constant consultative process between employers and alumni on the one hand, and educators and students on the other. We encourage creative thinking by providing project-oriented teaching that relates directly to the world off-campus. From the very beginning of your time at PSUT, you will feel like a vital part of our drive to help develop a competitive and creative ICT industry – one that can respond to and empower our ambitious young population.

At PSUT, we cherish our role as nurturer of an innovative environment on the wider campus of El Hassan Science City. We are determined to make education and academic research a core contributor to a wider collegiate atmosphere – one that respects and fosters creative and entrepreneurial freedom. Our goal is to build a broad knowledge community comprising all the institutions at El Hassan Science City united by a common purpose – to channel development from education and research to high-value employment creation. We need you to be a part of this dynamic process.

We celebrate our position as an educational leader in Jordan. Our wonderfully unique country has few mineral resources and many demographic and environmental challenges, but we are blessed with a fast growing young population that recognizes the value of education for personal and community growth. PSUT represents a response to the desire of driven young Jordanians to build a knowledge-based, diverse economic and social future. Our physical and intellectual positioning matches the Kingdom’s: We offer our students an open and welcoming community that provides a gateway to the Middle East and the World.

Young Jordanians deserve the opportunity to fulfill their potential as global knowledge workers and as technology leaders in our increasingly borderless world. The role of PSUT in the advancement of the ICT sector in Jordan is clear and consistent. We take great pride in the quality of our graduates and in their achievements at home and abroad and we aim to instill a new generation of Jordanians with the passion for research and development that will help drive our budding economy. Jordan already ranks with Turkey, Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the list of the top five nations that account for more than 90% of the Middle East's total research output. It is a great achievement for our small nation to join the ranks of relative giants in the region and we know that many of our future PSUT graduates will help to drive this process forward in the years to come.

The potential for research in Jordan is exciting and still largely untapped. We wish to work with a new generation of Jordanians to foster the evolution of R&D and to supply the talent for an industrial base with the highest production standards. Ultimately, we wish to be part of a wider effort to foster a knowledge economy to challenge and fulfill our talented graduates.

We are making it clear to our brightest and most ambitious young people, that we respect your ability to learn and we admire your potential to innovate. Our goal is to captivate your talent and to nurture Jordanian entrepreneurship and skill. We know that we cannot afford to lose our future and, therefore, we must offer you nothing less than the complete nurturing environment that you deserve.

This is what drives us to adapt and develop our curricula at PSUT, to respond to your changing needs. In the last ten years, the Internet and social media have changed our world forever and you have grown with it and helped it to grow. You are the first generation that knows one unified world. No matter where you are, you can feel informed, involved and valued. We have limitless opportunities to learn and to teach, to listen and to share our hopes and ambitions. This is your world and it is one that is defined by science and facilitated by technology. PSUT offers you the tools to be a full and integral part of our world’s great transformation and I am sure that you will contribute great things to our future.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan,
The Chairman