Closing ceremony of the international Hult Prize at PSUT

Sunday, March 27, 2022 - 13:45


The Vice President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Prof. Mohammad Sababheh, presided over the closing ceremony of the University’s round of the international Hult Prize. Also attending were Yana Dabaghie, the regional customer relations officer for the award, and the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Rami Salem.
Ten teams competed for the award, wherein the leading concept in this session revolved around youth employment. Three of those teams qualified and will go on to represent the University in the local and international qualifying rounds.
In first place came the Enigma team, made up of students Mohammed Abu Arida, Lafi Odeh, Talal Hammad, and Mohammad Dole. Second place was taken by the team EZ Energy, represented by Imran Al-Murshed, Zaid Khalaf, Tamara Al-Kawamleh, and Yara Matarneh. Third place was won by the Storm Force team, represented by Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra, Yahya Obaidah, and Hamza Abu Sir. The judging panel consisted of Muhammad Al-Shaker, Shahd Darwaza and Muhammad Maq.
Prof. Sababheh stated in his speech that the Hult Prize is an important international youth award, which devotes its efforts to launching initiatives to transform the world into a better place using the vehicle of teamwork as a basis. He added that PSUT seeks to participate in such competitions to encourage its students to hone their talents, enrich their knowledge and strengthen their capabilities to work within a team.
Dabaghie said that the award revolves around innovation and entrepreneurship for young people, and aims to motivate them to solve problems and create change by developing ideas into profitable companies that also contribute to development.
In turn, Salem indicated that PSUT had adhered to all the conditions and regulations of the award in terms of selecting the judges, logistical arrangements, and providing everything necessary for the success of the event.
Student Saba Soufan, president of the Hult Prize Club, praised the standard of the discussions, debates, and ideas presented by the competing teams.
The award is based on a partnership between the Hult International Business School in the USA and the United Nations, and targets undergraduate, Master’s and PhD students. It is one of the five most important awards for young people at the global level with the aim of launching new social institutions capable of making fundamental changes in the world.