A conversation about Artificial Intelligence conducted at PSUT with CEO of Beyond Limits

Sunday, November 7, 2021 - 11:30


Princess Sumaya University for Technology hosted the founder and CEO of Beyond Limits, Dr. Amjad Abdallat, in an interactive discussion about Artificial General Intelligence. The meeting was organized by the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship at the University, and was attended by PSUT’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Wejdan Abu-Elhaija, with the participation of student members of the scientific clubs.

During the discussion, moderated by the Dean of King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, Dr. Ashraf Ahmad, Abdallat announced the company’s intention to launch a technology center in Jordan at the end of this year. The aim of the center is to help improve the skills of Jordanian youth in the AI field and create job opportunities for them in the coming years.

Al-Abdallat added that strong artificial intelligence, or what has come to be called artificial general intelligence (AGI), is the future of the field. AGI will equal or exceed the average human intelligence, as it will be able to understand the world like any human being, and learn to perform a wide range of tasks.

Al-Abdallat emphasized the need to rely more broadly on Cognitive AI and deep learning systems, to train and refine technology to arrive at Emotional Intelligence and Reasoning, and Quantum Computing to process huge amounts of information.

Dr. Ahmad praised the company's step in establishing a center in Jordan, stressing the importance of this in conducting joint research, training students and networking with Jordanian universities and international companies and institutions.

It is noteworthy that PSUT is one of the first universities to offer the specializations of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Beyond Limits is a global company specialized in artificial intelligence, founded in 2014, and headquartered in Glendale, California. It operates at the level of industries and institutions, and was created to meet the needs of the most demanding sectors, including energy, services, and health, in addition to traditional artificial intelligence.