Cultural Activity and student clubs

Cultural Activity Office

The Cultural Activity Office is an important department in the Deanship of Student Affairs, which is concerned with organizing and holding all related cultural and literary activities and events that help in honing and developing students’ talents, enriching their knowledge, raising the level of awareness among young people, and developing the personalities of our university students.

The Office sponsors and supervises all activities, and provides the appropriate facilities and atmosphere for staging them, through well-studied programs, in addition to expanding students’ experiences in many areas that serve to build and develop their personalities, such as organizing competitions related to poetry criticism, the life of a writer or poet, a reading challenge competition, poetry competitions, observance of the International Arabic Language Day, organizing a cultural week on the university campus, in addition to bridging the gap with cultural institutions such as the Arabic Language Academy, the Jordan Museum, the Ministry of Culture, and the National Library in a serious attempt to institutionalize this cultural work and network with the local community to revive these aspects of knowledge.


Excellence in student activities aimed at building a conscious and creative generation capable of positive interaction with society and creating an active and influential young generation that adheres to authentic values.


Enabling this generation to gain and develop life skills with broad horizons and open minds through the establishment of a wide range of extracurricular student activities that contribute to honing the student's personality.

Objectives of the Cultural Activity Office

  1. Developing and encouraging talents and hobbies.
  2. Giving PSUT students the opportunity to participate in activities that suit their interests and abilities.

Student activities carried out by the Office:

  1. Organizing the annual Culture Week that includes all kinds of cultural and artistic creativity each year.
  2. Active participation in literary creativity competitions such as writing poetry, short stories, thoughts, and articles, whether within the university or against other Jordanian universities.
  3. Cultural visits to libraries and publishing houses to learn more about books.
  4. Observing the birth date of the Prophet.
  5. Coordinating lectures on leadership, good citizenship and other topics.