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Cyber Security B.Sc - About

The Department of Computer Science offers a bachelor’s program in cybersecurity. Upon completion of the degree requirements of this program, students will obtain a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, which prepares highly trained professionals in the field of cybersecurity . This program has been designed in a way that gives the department the flexibility to adapt the curricula and make necessary modifications in order to meet the needs of students wishing to become specialists in various fields of cybersecurity as well as the needs of students looking to pursue higher studies in the same field or in other related fields.


In order to accomplish this, the cybersecurity program focused on the key findings that must be adhered to by providing a flexible multi-directional framework, which aims to provide an opportunity to delve into one of the relevant branches of knowledge and meet the labor market need for graduates with sufficient skills in these professions and career paths.

 This part includes the program requirements