King Hussein School of Computing Sciences

Data Science


The Data Science Department was established in 2020 to provide the local and international market with distinguished graduates with scientific knowledge and practical experience in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. Since its establishment, the department has worked on developing study plans in line with the rapid developments in the field of information technology, as the first data science department in Jordan. The college has been provided with new members in different specialties in line with the needs of the department and the scientific and technological progress.

The department offers two academic degrees: a Bachelor of Science degree in Data science and artificial intelligence and a Master of Science degree in data science, which is among the first majors offered in colleges of information technology in Jordan.

The department is characterized by its great openness to the labor market, as distinguished relations have been developed with major local and international IT companies. The department has pursued an ambitious plan for cooperation with academic institutions and prestigious universities in the world to exchange experiences, transfer knowledge and technology, and benefit from everything new in this field. Also, a policy was adopted to open laboratories outside lecture hours, to become open laboratories for the university students.

Regarding the field of training and community service, the department aspires to hold training and educational courses in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. In addition, the department participates in providing consultations to numerous local institutions to modernize and develop their systems, the process of data collection, analysis, and appropriate decision-making, as well as introducing artificial intelligence principles into the production process and developing outputs.