King Hussein School of Computing Sciences
Data Science

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence B.Sc - Vision , Mission ,Goals and Values


Achieve academic excellence and research in the field of data science and artificial intelligence at the national and global levels.



Preparing a highly qualified and specialized staff who keeps pace with modern technology in the field of data science and artificial intelligence, by providing a high-quality programs to prepare students to meet the needs of the labor market, develop their skills in research and innovation, and contribute to the development of society and the achievement of national goals.



Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. Providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for development and creativity in various fields of work through the use of data science and artificial intelligence

2. Improve Students' ability to work effectively within a team and apply appropriate practices within a professional, legal and ethical framework, and the need to contribute positively to society.

. Enabling students to continuously self-learning to continue enhancing their skills, adopting new techniques and methods, and advancing in postgraduate studies.


Student Outcomes (SOs)

1. The ability to analyze complex computing issues and apply computing principles and other related disciplines to define solutions.

2. The ability to design, implement and evaluate computing-based solutions to meet a range of computing requirements related to data science and artificial intelligence.

3. The ability to communicate effectively within a diverse work group related to the professional framework.

4. The ability to distinguish professional responsibilities and make informed judgments in the practice of computing based on legal and ethical principles.

5. The ability to work effectively as a member or leader of a team involved in appropriate activities related to the data science and artificial intelligence program.

6. The ability to apply the theories and fundamentals of data science and artificial intelligence to produce solutions based on artificial intelligence.