A delegation from the Crimean Federal University Visits Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 15:00


The Acting President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Prof. Arafat Awajan, received an academic delegation from the Crimean Federal University. The delegation from V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University was headed by its Rector‎, Prof. ‎Andrei Falaleev, and sought to discuss ways of future cooperation between the two universities in the field of student and academic exchange, in addition to working on shared scientific research, while looking into the possibility of signing a future agreement to define frameworks for this cooperation.

After welcoming the visiting delegation, Prof. Awajan highlighted PSUT’s focus on the international dimension in the fields of scientific research and student exchange programs which are run according to agreements concluded with universities around the world. He also mentioned the University’s joint programs with other American and European universities, in addition to PSUT’s participation in 40 European projects, and its leadership of five of them.

Prof. Awajan reviewed the University's progress, its most prominent achievements, its unique programs at the regional level, and the high status it has achieved locally and internationally. He stressed the University’s keenness to realize the visions of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of the Board of Trustees, in international networking and cooperation with prestigious universities. He expressed the desire for the possibility of close cooperation between the two universities in many fields held in common between them.

The head of the visiting delegation expressed his happiness with the visit and looked forward to establishing true partnerships with PSUT, due to the good academic reputation it enjoys in the region and the world. He reviewed the history of his university, its specializations, current development plans, and the promotion of scientific research. He also mentioned that four of its graduates have received Nobel Prizes, and that some of the faculties at the university teach in Arabic, Turkish and Chinese. 

The visiting delegation included the President of Crimean Medical Academy Prof. Krutikov Sergey, the Advisor to the President of Crimean Medical Academy in the Middle East, Dr. Dia Kaud, and the Advisor to the President of the Belgorod State Technological University, Dr. Yasser Al-Lahham. They were received by the Dean of the King Abdullah II School for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Muhammad Sababha, the Vice Dean of the King Talal School of Business Technology, Dr. George Sammour, and the Vice Dean of the King Abdullah II School of Engineering, Dr. Esam AlQaralleh.

Notably, the Crimean Federal University includes some of the leading research and educational institutions in the Crimea, including the University of Taurida, which was founded in 1918. These institutions were united under the name of the V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University in 2014, named after the great Russian scientist, Vladimir Vernadsky.

The university consists of 42 units and 12 branches spread throughout the Crimean Peninsula, including 5 academies, 6 institutes and 6 colleges. It offers more than 200 study programs and currently has a student body of 32,000 students from Russia and abroad.