E-Learning Center

Since its’ establishment in 2016, the e-Learning Center at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) has been operating as the core of distance learning, online courses and open educational resources. The center is one of the main operating units in the university and is connected to the president in PSUT organizational system.

Center Goals

  1. Create a basis of multiple eLearning platforms and services to students, professors and staff.
  2. Promote and improve the methods of eLearning among youth and adult learners.
  3. Enable the opportunities of research and innovation in eLearning field.
  4. Provide professional training in e-Learning to strengthen the overall learning outcomes and teaching techniques.  

We install and operate the latest trends and technologies of e-Learning. In addition, we'll be offering e-learning solutions such as: Augmented Reality applications, Virtual Reality station for game-based learning, workstations to take online courses designed by PSUT departments, and access for open resources. The center will continue to provide training sessions on how to use eLearning for maximum learning benefits and outcomes.

The center is treated as a venue of learning solutions; This venue can add a significant value to PSUT in general, and students and scholars in specific. This is due to the need of incorporating more activities and enhancing the collaboration and active team studying experience. The e-Learning Center is aimed to provide a unique experience for the public, undergraduate and graduate students in our country.


Dr. Adiy Tweissi


Mr. Jarir Nsour

Operations Management and Technical Support