King Talal School of Business Technology

E-Marketing and Social Media - About

The Bachelor's degree in e-Marketing and Social Media is designed to give students a practical education that is in line with real, everyday life and enables them to effectively discover the integrated and constantly changing world of marketing and technology. The discipline introduces students to the basic elements of successful marketing plans and modern electronic channels.

At the start of the program, students take courses in marketing concepts such as principles of marketing, public relations, statistics, intellectual property and business ethics, among others. Students will also learn about web design and technology and their impact on e-marketing. Through the study of web design, user interface, ease of use, programming languages, and other courses, students will learn the language needed to communicate in an ever-changing changing business environment.

After creating a strong marketing foundation, students move on to applying their knowledge in the field of e-marketing, such as search engine customization, affiliate marketing, and social media channels. They will also learn about the key elements of marketing plans such as web matrices, information technology and system profiles, as well as cultural and global Internet issues.

At the end of the program, students combine the knowledge and experience they have gained to develop their own individual integrated e-marketing strategy. By building on the fundamentals of marketing with existing tools and ever-changing technology, the students learn that the fields of e-marketing and social media are always rapidly developing, and are therefore prepared for permanent development and growth in this area.

Departmental graduation requirements:

Within the plan of the program, the passage of (132) credit hours is required to grant this degree, which includes various fields of knowledge and skills, of which (27) credit hours are compulsory university requirements, (24) credit hours are college requirements and (81) credit hours are distributed as follows: (66) hours Accredited study as the mandatory specialization requirements, and (15) credit hours of elective specialization requirements.


Possible fields of work for graduates:

This a new discipline in Jordan that opens up numerous fields of employment both at home and abroad, the most prominent being: marketing systems analysis; e-commerce business management; e-marketing business management; promotions and advertising officer; marketing research officer; marketing activities for private and public institutions, including service organizations and social networking centers; setting up private e-marketing projects; e-marketing projects via mobile phone, working in the banking sector, retail companies, industrial marketing companies and other e-marketing activities.