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Welcome Message from the Director of the El Hassan Library

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the visitors of the El Hassan Library and those who surf its website; you are the focus of our interest, and your satisfaction magnifies our joy and happiness.

At the El Hassan Library, we strive to go beyond the traditional and stereotypical role of the university library, and to continuously review its assigned role. In order to keep abreast with the continuous development of the teaching and research process at the University, we are working hard in collaboration with PSUT’s various Schools to accommodate the academic plans and programs and support them with academic materials classified according to their fields of knowledge.

Our desire is that the Library be the heart of the University, beating with knowledge, and for it to extend beyond the boundaries of the place to find its soul wherever one might go in the University. In order to achieve our goal, we are always in need of your constructive  suggestions which can lead us to serve you in the best possible manner. We assure you that the staff of the El Hassan Academic Library is ready to serve you by answering your inquiries or holding training workshops about the Library’s services with the aim of helping you to benefit from them to the fullest extent.

Dr. Khaldoun Al-Tarawneh
Director of the El Hassan Library

Mission, Vision, Values and Aims

Mission, Vision, Values and Aims

In its mission, El Hassan Library endeavors to play a major supporting role in the creation of a suitable academic environment where students can achieve the best results in their chosen programs of study. The Library also encourages scientific research and supports the local community by providing various types of information sources, working continuously to enhance its development in collaboration with the users according to their needs and suggestions.

The vision of the Library is to be creative and innovative in making its services and information sources readily available to as wide an audience as possible, in accordance with local and international quality standards.

The Library values are expressed as follows:

  • Excellence in its provided services,
  • Accountability, clarity and objectivity,
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence,
  • Leadership and teamwork.

The aims of the Library can be summarized as follows:

  • Providing excellent services that are continuously developed to meet the needs of beneficiaries and their expectations.
  • Developing a well-rounded and balanced print and non-print collection.
  • Organizing the administrative structure and raising the efficiency and performance of human resources.
  • Developing the library quality management to ensure continuous development and excellent services to beneficiaries.
  • Support scientific research at the University, as well as the development of strategic partnerships with other universities and institutions.
About EL HASSAN Library

About The EL HASSAN Library


Princess Sumaya University for Technology Library was established in 1991, when the institution was still a college granting only a BSc in Computer Science. The library was located in the premises of the Royal Scientific Society.

In 2002, the institution’s name changed from Princess Sumaya College for Technology to Princess Sumaya University for Technology, and a new degree program in Computer Engineering was introduced. This change positively reflected on all university departments and services, including its library. As a result, the library was allocated its own independent building and named “El Hassan Library and Media Center”.

El Hassan Library is strategically located, and offers its services through its main and branch libraries that cover a total area of 1260 m2. The library building is considered a model building of collegiate libraries in the Middle East because of its unique internal design and aesthetics, and is well supported by the university to be a leading research library with top quality collections, resources, and services.

El Hassan Library currently has ten (10) full-time employees and offers its services to the entire PSUT student community, faculty members, and administrative staff. El Hassan Library also tries to be actively engaged with members of the local community by making the library and its services available to them during working hours throughout the day, and by providing book donations to schools, associations and public libraries.

The library is open for about 67 hours a week and offers the following services: Lending and recalls, library instruction and guidance, book reserves, photocopying, in addition to the access and use of electronic resources.

The library subscribes to eleven (11) different databases which are accessible through twenty-eight (28) computers available at both libraries, of which (16) are located at the “Electronic Library”, which is part of the branch library. It is fully equipped and serviced with computers, telecommunication devices, and photocopying and printing services.

El Hassan Library has many exchange and book donation programs with various Jordanian, Arab and foreign institutions. It is also a member of the Jordanian Library and Information Association (JLIA), American Library Association (ALA) and the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA). The library also carries out a mutual lending program with the University of Jordan.

Perhaps what best distinguishes the El Hassan Library is that it provides group study rooms, which is not very common in the Arab world. Free internet service is also available.

EL HASSAN Library Building

EL HASSAN Library Main Building:

The Main Library building is located at the back entrance of Princess Sumaya University, near the IT parking lot. The building consists of two floors, with a total space of 660 square meters.

  • The first floor houses the printed book collection and reading area, computer stations and circulation desk.
  • The second floor houses reading and stuying area, group study rooms and staff offices.

Branch Library:

The Branch Library is located at the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) campus, with a total space of 600 sq m.

  • Book and periodicals collections (current and back issues) , reading and studying area.

Electronic Library

Electronic Library is located at D building, 

  • It includes 16 computer and a printer to support users needs including electronic resources search, printing and other related needs.

Branch library at King Talal School for Business Technology

This branch library is located at King Talal School for Business Technology, it includes:

  • Business books collection.
  • Fiction collection.
  • Two reading areas.
Library Sections

Library Sections


1. Technical Services Section, which carries out the following functions:

  1. Acquisitions
  2. Technical Services
  3. Periodicals

2. Users Services Section, which carries out the following functions:

  1. Users Services
  2. Instructions and Training
  3. Development and marketing
  4. Electronic services

Library Regulations - No.9 

All users should abide by the general library regulations and act accordingly.

Lending Regulations 

All employees at Princess Sumaya University and the Royal Scientific Society, whether academic or administrative, in addition to students, are entitled to use the library, provided that they hold a valid PSUT and RSS student or staff ID card.

Loan Periods


No. of books


Members of:

Board of Trustees, academic staff, and full-time lecturers


One semester

Part-time lecturers and lab supervisors


One semester

PSUT and RSS administrative staff


2 weeks

Graduate students 


One month

Undergraduate students


2 weeks

Others *   See general regulations 





  • Any user who has a history of repeatedly returning books late will have his/her lending privileges suspended.
  • Should any user lose a borrowed item, he/she is liable to pay 3X the price of the lost item.

Important Instructions

  1. Books should be charged out through the circulations desk. All books are secured and any attempt at theft can be detected through the security gate.
  2. Users should return borrowed books on or before the due date to avoid paying overdue fines.
  3. Users can ask for a loan extension by calling, emailing or by visiting the library.
  4. References, periodicals, graduation projects and theses cannot be taken outside the library. These resources are available for in-house use only.
  5. You can search for books in the online catalogue. Search capability is also available outside campus.
  6. To know the library's electronic subscriptions, check the Library Webpage, or go directly to the .e-resources link.
  7. Students are allowed to print up to 150 pages when using library electronic resources.
  8. Members of the academic staff are allowed to print up to 250 pages from items that do not circulate, taking into consideration copyright law.
  9. Students are allowed to copy a certain number of pages, in accordance with copyright law.
  10. The consumption of food and drinks, and smoking is prohibited inside the library. Mobile phones should be turned to silent mode upon entry into the library.
  11. All users are expected to maintain quiet and order while in the library.
  12. Users are permitted to take advantage of the group study rooms.  Please find regulations of use here, and you can reserve a room by filling out this form.
Contact Us

 El Hassan Library Staff




Dr. Khaldoun Al-Tarawneh

Library Director 


Email: library@psut.edu.jo

Tel.  Ext.:  5101

Dr. Shadi Humaidat

Head of  Technical Services Section

Email: humaidat@psut.edu.jo

Tel. Ext.: 5110

Yara Nafe

Head of Periodicals Services

Technical Services Section 


Tel. Ext.: 5103

Salsabela Omran

Librarian - Technical Services Section

Email: Salsabela.Omran@psut.edu.jo

Tel. Ext.: 5104

Bayan Abu Sini

Users Services Librarian

Email: bayan@psut.edu.jo

Tel. Ext.: 5107

Nissreen Abu   Hussein

Head of Electronic Services

User Services Section

Email: nissreen@psut.edu.jo

Tel. Ext.: 5106

May Abu Ajameah

Head of User Services Section

Email: m.ajameah@psut.edu.jo

Tel. Ext.: 5108

Tasneem Al Hattab

Librarian - User Services Section 

Email: t.hattab@psut.edu.jo

Tel, Ext.: 5109

Library Phone


Email: elhassanlibrary@psut.edu.jo